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  • Hi,

    Firstly thanks for the plugin, I have used it on one unreleased site so far without any trouble and find it great.

    Im currently trying to use it on my blog/portfolio site with some problems. I have done a little debugging in comparison to the working version on another site and found the following.

    On the working site the plugin creates this markup for the tabs:
    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    So, to me it looks like non of the required classes are being added to the tabbed divs. Any idea how this could happen?

    I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing the plugin and the same happens. I have also tried disabling all other plugins to see if there was a conflict and the same problem exists.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

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  • Can’t see your code, but I’m going to assume that your tabs just show up in a list without the actual tabs? Because that’s the problem I’m having & I’m using 3.0.1.

    Sorry, the code tags didn’t work and you can’t edit your post on these forms.

    But yes, you are right, just a list. Those CSS classes are as follows:
    <div id="tabs_0" class="ui-tabs ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all">

    On a site with the above div container, the tabs work on the broken version the output is the following for the equivalent container.
    <div id="tabs_1">

    The classes are missing and the tabs then don’t work.

    Have you had any luck, I am experiencing a similar problem, I wanted to style the tabs with cufon text, and use heading tags within the content but nothing seems to be working.

    I tried enclosing the shortcodes with heading tags aswell but that caused more problems.

    I cannot even locate the script that makes this plugin render everything

    Hey larssonk22, sorry for the delayed response. Nope, no luck, it just refuses to work on one of my sites, no CSS classes get added to the tabs.

    This means the jQuery cannot hook onto the classes to hide all tabs except the current one, etc. etc.

    If you download the whole plugin and search for something like “ui-widget-content” over all the files you should be able to find both the php script that adds these classes to the tabs and the CSS stylesheets that style them.

    I will probably look into this briefly in a while, if it becomes effort I will just make the tabs manually using some jQuery plugin which wouldn’t be too hard anyway.

    Good Luck,

    I still haven’t had any luck either. There is a new tabs plugin that definitely works though. I’m using it now.

    Hi Shaliza,

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I’ve tried the plugin you’ve linked to now and I’m happy to say it is working!

    Thanks again for linking me to this,



    I am having the same issue. I was told that I needed to add the CSS of the plugin in my theme’s CSS file before #content. I’ll let you know if it works.

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