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  • Shan


    I cannot get this plugin to work for me at all. Does anyone know how to fix it or if there is an alternative plugin I can use?

    I tried the plugin developer’s help forum. It’s a joke. I even paid the donation to get my ticket answered faster and all I got was emails asking me to enable the plugin ASAP, but when I replied that I was using the plugin on my design services page and could not leave it up for long or I would lose business, I got NO REPLY.

    I want to either get this to work or find an alternative plugin that does that same thing but actually does work.

    I am using the Lifestyle Classic theme.

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  • Plugin Author Internet Techies


    Hi Shan,

    I had replied you back asking that if the issue still exists and until today got no reply, I thought that you dropped using tabs on your site.

    And I replied after you had asked to refund back the donation, which we instantly did. Donations are never forced, just we appreciate users supporting our efforts and the time we put in developing the free resources. Also, I would ask other plugin users not to donate if they do not appreciate the plugin development efforts, and the functionality of the plugin.

    We get more than 20-30 tickets per day, and we try to answer them on priority and definitely if something is related to CSS of JS conflict (as in your case), we keep it on ‘Normal’ priority as CSS or JS conflicts do not come as plugin issues but they come under service requests.

    Hope you get the point and if you still have the reply ticket mail I sent you, you can avail the support facility by replying.

    Thank you for your support and trying the free WP plugin.

    Long live WordPress.




    Again, as I told you SEVERAL TIMES, I cannot enable the plugin on my site for you to see it in action without knowing that you will be able to look at my page within an hour or so. When I told you that, I got NO REPLY. No acknowledgment whatsoever of my situation.

    I would like to use your plugin, however it will not work on my site for some reason I cannot figure out. That is why I am asking for help. I was NEVER told there was a CSS or JS conflict.

    Yes, you did refund my donation…after I asked for it THREE times.

    Should you want to actually help me with this plugin issue, my situation remains the same: I need you to go to my site within 1 hour of me enabling the plugin because I cannot lose business because potential clients can’t see my info clearly. I’m a blog designer. It does not look good to have my blog design page looking like a 3 year old played with the code.

    I would love to find an alternative plugin that does the same thing, if anyone knows of one.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Internet Techies


    As you are a blog designer, you would definitely be having a development setup for the site. May be you can give the url of the development site where you can enable the plugin and keep it enabled for some time. Because I cannot help you unless the plugin is enabled and due to time frame differences (you might know the day time in different countries are different), may be I would be or would not be able to handle the issue in 1 hour.

    I had seen your site’s html, and there were lot of JS files loading. There are many issues we do handle everyday regarding the various plugins and just when you describe the issue, we try to guess what kind of issue that is. So, the tabs may not be working on your site mostly due to JS conflict.

    Also, in case you want to go into code and use something that is too perfect to be criticized you can directly use

    It is an awesome jQuery plugin and you can customize it as you wish.

    Hope the tabs work on you site. Thank you again for trying this free WordPress plugin.

    Long Live WordPress.


    Plugin Author Internet Techies


    I am available between 20:00 PST to 05:00 PST. You let me know a convenient time when you will enable WordPress Post Tabs plugin on your site and then only I can take a look. If it is fine with you, do reply on the same ticket.

    We also want to see more people using the plugin. As this plugin is already installed on more than 5 servers rented by us and even more than thousand people are using the same on their WP setup, It seems a JS/CSS conflict on your site. Anyway, we can only come to a conclusion after looking into the details on your site.

    i’m trying to figure out why the post tab does not work on the front page of my blog. it works when you click on the actual post but not when its on the front page itself.

    Thank you!

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