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  • Hi everyone,

    I am not clear what ‘Website Groups’ are used for? I just want to put all my portfolio items in categories e.g logo design, print work, web design, marketing etc similar to the type of services i offer.

    When is it useful to ‘group’ the websites as well? Can you give examples pls? Thanks.

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  • Hi Sarah

    Thanks for your query. Website Groups = Categories

    So you just create a group for Print Work, Web Design, etc. Groups are useful for creating a heading/description for a collection of items in the portfolio.

    When I created the plugin, it was originally just websites people wanted to show off. It’s since become a plugin for showing off any item. But the language used still refers to a website item.

    Kind Regards
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    [wp-portfolio groups=”x”] code is not working in my localhost site.

    I’ve created 4 new groups, regarding ID: 8, 9, 10, 11, and the default ID for the ‘My Websites’ is also present.

    [my-portfolio] is working in a page, but in a sub-page of the parent one, the shortcode [wp-portfolio groups=”8″] is not working, though I have a ID “8”.

    It works 100% for me of several websites. So there’s something odd about your set up I expect.

    Have you tested any of these?
    [wp-portfolio groups=”1″]
    [wp-portfolio groups=”2″]
    [wp-portfolio groups=”3″]
    [wp-portfolio groups=”9″]


    Or [wp-portfolio groups=”8,9″]


    Right, it’s working.
    But the problem is- I’m using FCK editor. When I’m placing the code
    [wp-portfolio groups="8"] in Editor mode, it’s actually taking <p>[wp-portfolio groups=&quot;1&quot;]</p> in HTML (Source mode). It solves when I’m placing the code in Source Mode (HTML) and updating the page from there (not from Editor Mode).

    The same thing’s happening in this code too:
    [wp-portfolio sitesperpage="5"]

    And additionally, this code is not working in Default permalink mode. If I click on the next page, it is redirecting me to the home page.
    But it is working successfully in %pagename% permalink. 🙂


    Hi Mayeenul

    Ah, there we are. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll use that information to improve the FAQ.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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