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  • We love everything about this plugin except the nasty link it inserts into the thumbnails, that goes to shrinktheweb, before the actual website. We would prefer no link at all on the thumb (since it’s on the right already). Is there a solution?

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  • This has nothing to do with my plugin. Thank you for blaming me. Feedback like yours is why I love being a plugin developer. not.

    If you check out the latest STW changes, you’ll see that this is a result of using the free STW account. They emailed everyone about this weeks ago. It’s in their FAQ too.

    Alternatively you can use the custom thumbnails feature, or you can pay for an account with STW.


    Thanks for the solution, all you had to do was tell me that the solution would be to get a STW account instead of going all defensive about your plugin… maybe you missed my first part of the sentence…. WE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLUGIN… typical developer attitude. Not being a developer myself, I thought the problem was plugin related which is why I posted asking for a solution. We looked online for a solution and came up with nothing. Since we only signed up with STW yesterday, I am guessing we did not get the memo… so please, before you come back to me with attitude rather think about the whole picture.

    Sadly I get 1 to 2 emails a week complaining or criticising me about this plugin. It erodes my interest in the plugin as a result. Most WP developers feel unappreciated.

    I completely understand how you feel based on my reaction. If you re-read your first sentence in your message, you blame my plugin for inserting a nasty link. If you look at the code, it does no such thing. When someone criticises my hard work, I take it personally, especially as so few people say thank you.



    Your work with this plugin over the years has been exemplary. There will always be complainers, but hundreds if not thousands of people use this plugin with out issue. It’s a shame more folks don’t tell you what a great job your doing.

    Well I just wanted to say thank you. It certainly makes a big difference to me.


    Should be a warning about the thumbnail issue in bold and large type on the main page of the plugin. I didn’t figure out about the problem until after I’d already installed it. Shame that STW did that, it renders the plugin unusable for most.

    I agree with the OP, plugin is fantastic outside this glaring issue.

    As stated earlier, this link has nothing to do with the plugin. Also, this issue disappears if you opt for the paid version of STW. There are other portfolio plugins, so just try one of those if you’re not happy.


    Wow, what an attitude. Give you a compliment for a great plugin, point out a flaw that should be remedied for an improved user experience, and you throw it back in my face? If you would read, I clearly didn’t blame you for STW link issue.

    In regards to paying over a $100/year for thumbnails, that’s laughable. What should be done with the plugin is the option to disable STW and upload screenshots.

    Either way, you get a big fat gold star in the egotistical jerk developer field for the day. Perhaps you should instead put in big bold type “I don’t want to hear any commentary or feedback about my plugin, otherwise I will give you whiplash with my attitude problem.”

    Hello, I had no intention of offending, I was merely being to the point. I apologise, I did mis-read your comment about STW.

    I have tried updating the documentation for the plugin to highlight the change in behaviour with STW, but I’ve been having technical issues with and updating the plugin code.

    I agree that STW is really expensive. There’s no need to disable the STW functionality, as you can upload a custom thumbnail with the plugin already. It’s called Custom Thumb URL. Adding that field will automatically override the STW functionality. I think I might make the docs clearer to state that STW accounts are not needed to use the plugin.

    Again, apologies for the confusion. I can see how what I said could make you feel like that, but I was genuinely trying to be helpful.

    Kind Regards

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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