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  • I have read through this forum, the plugin site support info and the shrinktheweb FAQs. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the thumbnails are not showing. The settings page says the cache folder is writable. ShrinktheWeb monitored the initial requests to create thumbnails – but as far as I can tell has not made them, and certainly has not put any into the cache folder.

    Since the connection is clearly being made between my site and shrinktheweb, the API key and code must be correct, and the cache folder is writeable – what other reason could there be for these thumbnails not displaying? I have checked multiple browsers on two computers, so it isn’t a refresh issue.

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  • Thank you for being thorough. Have you enabled the debug mode to check what’s happening?

    There are other possible (but rare) issues, including insufficient free disk space, and funky security configurations.

    It sounds like you might need to drop me an email with your FTP login details and your WP admin login details. You can do so via

    Kind Regards

    I wonder if there was any resolution on this post. I’m having the same issue with premium theme and their support seems to be out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    WP Portfolio last update was 303 days ago.
    Also WP says it is not tested with v 3.2.1.(compatible till v 3.1.0)

    Right, I’m not actually using the WP Portfolio plug-in. I’m using a theme that makes use of portfolios and am having an issue where any action that involves the theme altering an image (re-sizing, thumbnails, etc) cause the image to be broken. The images themselves appear just fine.

    I’m posting here because I’ve been through the ringer the last 3 days trying to find a solution, with theme support, trial and error and scouring the internet…to no avail. Raweiss’ problem sounds exactly like what I’m encountering.

    @kletskater – despite the plugin not being updated for nearly a year, the plugin is working 100% fine. I’m running it myself on 2 websites too. Only yesterday I had someone upgrade their plugin to the latest version, which completely fixed their issues.

    @hewizard This original issue was resolved ages ago. This support forum is for the WP Portfolio plugin, not a theme. So the problems you’re experiencing are different to the original poster.

    Technically, you’d need to contact the theme developer, rather than me (despite being the developer of the plugin), as the developer of the theme should be supporting you.

    I’m aware that there are a couple of themes that have my plugin hacked in to it, I’m not sure if this is one of them.

    Contact me via email my website (WordPress Doctors: with your FTP details, and a WP admin login. I will spend 5 minutes taking a look at the issue free of charge.

    If I can fix the issue within 5 minutes for free, I will. If I need to spend longer fixing it, I’ll offer you the choice of paying my fee to resolve the issue for you.

    Kind Regards

    I notice my thumbs where not showing today, after a few hours code and server checking I went STW website looking for answers.

    The answer I found was my account had been banned, this is because apparently I failed to confirm my email address. Although I had been using the service and must have done so months ago. Apparently they have installed a new email service and I need to read their opt-in rules and agree to them now. Well tell ya what they can stick it it’s not that the service is that good anyway.

    Now are the any plans to use another thumbnail service ? for this plugin or I start work doing my own portfolio pages.

    Dan Harrison


    Hi kickoff3pm

    Yeah, STW keep making changes, but it’s tough, as what they do is a natively expensive thing to do. Hence they have to protect their quality of service.

    There are other thumbnail services, but services I’ve used before have since gone bust. STW is the only one that’s been persistently developing it’s service (and not going out of business).

    You can use my plugin without the need of the STW service. You can upload your own thumbnails, and the plugin will resize them for you.




    Hi to all,

    Sometimes my posts images don’t generate thumbnails. In my media library the thumbnail appears as a broken icon. Is it beacause the original image is corrupted or bacause something might be wrong in my settings?


    Dan Harrison


    Are you using WP Portfolio?

    What you’re describing could be something different…


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