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  • You can change CSS file.

    For example:
    In screen.css file, change the code as the following:
    .portfolio_photos li
    float: left;
    display: block;
    width: 160px;
    height: 200px;
    margin-right: 40px;

    You can put the size you wanted in “width” and “height”

    Yep, xcai2009 is right. Also, check that the settings are also set to show the thumbnail size that you want.


    If I change the height and width in the CSS. Will it override the 3 settings in the portfolio settings? I noticed there is no option to not use any of the 3 thumbnail sizes that are provided.

    I also wanted to mention, I don’t have a screen.css file. I only have a portfolio.css file. Inside this file I have .wpp-thumbnail .wpp-thumbnail img and .wpp-custom-thumb. Which one should I edit for custom thumnails? I am assuming .wpp-custom-thumb.

    Remove the height and width from the CSS, so that it’s not a restriction. If you change:

    ‘What thumbnail sizes do you want to use?’ to ‘My custom sizes’, then you can change them, yes.


    In portfolio settings, I do not see an option that says “What thumbnail sizes do you want to use.” Where exactly is this option?

    In your WordPress admin area:
    WP Portfolio -> Portfolio Settings -> under the ‘Thumbnail Settings‘ heading.


    I am not trying to be annoying. But I simply just do not have that option.

    When I go to:
    WP Portfolio -> Portfolio Settings -> under the ‘Thumbnail Settings

    I have:

    • Thumbnail Size (which gives a drop down menu of 3 different sizes to choose from.)
    • Number of Days to Cache Thumbnail
    • Thumbnail fetch method
    • Custom thumbnail scale method (which gives a drop down of 3 options Match height of website thumbnails, Match width of website thumbnails, Ensure thumbnail is same size or smaller than website thumbnails)

    Ah, are you running the latest version?

    Kind Regards

    Yes. I am running version 1.21 of the plugin and 3.2.1 wordpress.

    Ah, you need to change to ‘STW Account Type’ to a ‘Paid’ account type in the settings. That custom size option when you have a STW account only works with a paid STW account. So the option should appear when you save that setting.

    If you need to enter a dummy STW account code to get the settings to save, use alphanumeric letters (e.g. a-z 0-9).

    Kind Regards

    I am using custom thumbnails. I don’t want to use STW. Can you use the latest version of your plug in without using shrink the web. That would be a shame if you couldn’t. Its a great plugin.

    Yes, you can use it without STW. Just enter a dummy code into the settings… then you can enable the paid mode, which allows custom thumbnail sizes.

    There are no plans to completely disable the STW mode, but I’ll consider it. However, you can still get custom thumbnail sizes without STW following my tip above.


    Regarding your tip you gave me. How exactly can I use a dummy code for a paid account, can you elaborate a little more on that?

    Choose ‘Paid (Basic or Plus) Account’, and set STW Access Key ID to ‘abcdefg1234567’ and STW Secret Key to ‘abc12’. These are not valid keys, these are dummy codes just to get the settings to save.

    Now you should be able to save the settings. When you now save the settings, you should now be able to select the custom thumbnail size.


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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