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    I can not add new websites to the portfolio. I love this plugin and haven’t found any other portfolio plugins that are even close. I hope it is fixed soon. I get this database error when trying to add a new websiet:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘customfield’ in ‘field list’]
    INSERT INTO wp_WPPortfolio_websites (sitename, siteurl, sitedescription, sitegroup, customthumb, siteactive, siteorder, specificpage, customfield, siteadded) VALUES (‘fanfare’, ‘’, ‘Fanfare WSS’, ‘1’, ”, ‘1’, ‘0’, ‘0’, ”, ‘2012-01-05 20:12:06’)

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  • Hello,

    Deactivate, and then reactivate the plugin, and try again. That should work.

    Dan [ Signature moderated. ]

    Hi Dan – question – I’m getting the WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘customfield’ in ‘field list’] error, I tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin as well as Deleting it and reinstalling. Is there anything else I can try? Are there any known plugin conflicts? I don’t have many plugins installed, so I’m wondering if that might be the issue.

    What are next steps when the error keeps occurring even after the recommended fix?



    The plugin should automatically create the database tables, and customfield is basically one of those missing fields.

    How comfortable are you with editing plugin files? I’ve got a trick that should work…


    I’m totally comfortable with it, shoot!


    1) Deactivate plugin
    2) Edit line 26 of wp-portfolio.php, change: define(‘WPP_VERSION’, ‘1.24’); to define(‘WPP_VERSION’, ‘1.00’);
    3) Activate plugin (nothing should happen)

    4) Deactivate plugin
    5) Edit line 26 of wp-portfolio.php, change: define(‘WPP_VERSION’, ‘1.00’); to define(‘WPP_VERSION’, ‘1.24’);
    6) Activate plugin (this should add the columns such as customfield)

    If that doesn’t work, then something else is going on, possibly with your database.


    well, that didn’t work, but I just went in to the database and added the missing field, and it’s now working. Strangeness!

    and thank YOU! for your quick response. I really appreciate it!

    Hmm, odd, must just be something odd. Phase of the moon perhaps! Glad you got it sorted… I wanted to avoid getting you into SQL 🙂

    You’re welcome 🙂


    Can you post the step you did to resolve this issue in the db (what table, field properties?). I followed Dan’s steps but they they did not work.

    @wgator – what version are you using? Are you installing from new? Or upgrading?

    I’ve spotted this issue a few times, mostly due to odd permissions with MySQL on a hosting account.


    Hi Dan,
    To be honest I don’t know…I just did the automatic upgrade today. However, I had this issue for a while now. I was hopping that the upgrade will fix it.

    When I opened the file you mentioned it said Ver. 1.27 (this is after today’s upgrade). Then, I went ahead and changed the file accordingly but still did not work.

    The front-end of the plugin works great. The problem is that it won’t allow me to add or edit websites in the portfolio.

    Thank you for the quick response,


    Hi Dan,
    I figure it out.

    I added “customfield” to the “wp_WPPortfolio_websites” table using phpMyAdmin. I placed it in between “specificpage” and “siteadded” with following details:

    Field: customfield
    Type: varchar(150)
    Collation: utf8_general_ci
    Attributes: (blank)
    Null: NULL
    Extra: (blank)

    Everything is working fine…


    Hi Walter

    Thanks. Sounds like the ALTER command or dbDelta command in WP is not working properly for you.

    Glad it works.

    I believe that is the same field I added in my database. Glad you got it working.

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