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  • Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    From the changelog:


    • The ability to enable / disable the Ajax Update has been removed. It introduced a random bug that doubled the views count of some posts / pages. Will be added back when a fix is ready.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the cat parameter from excluding categories (widget was not affected by this).
    • FAQ section (Settings / WordPress Popular Posts / FAQ) updated.
      Added french translation. (Thanks, Le Raconteur!)

    The ajax update feature is now enabled by default, so don’t worry about it.



    Hector: I’m using WP Popular Posts 2.2.1 and W3 Total Cache. For some reason the WPPP page views are not updating. Is this a cache conflict with W3TC?

    I tried updating to WPPP 2.3.0 but had problems and am a little concerned about updating to 2.3.2, but am willing to give it a go if you think updating will fix the problem. The weird thing is when I had WP Super Cache, it seemed like the page views updated just fine… but not with W3TC. I have to go with W3TC though, because of some other advanced caching things I plan to do in the future, so going back to WP Super Cache is not an option.

    The site is: www. silver doctors . com (minus the spaces, of course).

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Hi varsitysmack,

    Other users also said the same about WP Super Cache and W3TC. Clearly, W3TC is somehow conflicting with my plugin for some reason, and it’s on my TODO list to find out why.

    Will report back once I get some spare time as work projects are keeping me a little busy at the moment.



    Hector – My clients may be willing to pay you to prioritize this to get it working well on their site (which would most likely be able to help others who are having the problem as well). If you are interested, let me know how we can connect to talk about it in more detail.

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Alright, after some research here are my findings:

    My first approach was the obvious one: check W3TC’s FAQ section and find documentation about caching dynamic contents. This is what I found:

    How do I implement fragment caching?

    Edit your templates to with the following syntax to ensure that dynamic features remain so:

    Example 1:

    <!-- mfunc any PHP code --><!-- /mfunc -->
    Example 2:
    <!-- mfunc -->any PHP code<!-- /mfunc -->
    Example 3:
    <!--MFUNC           -->
                                          echo rand();
    <!--/mfunc -->
    Example 4:
    <!-- mclude path/to/file.php --><!-- /mclude -->
    Example 5:
    <!-- mclude -->path/to/file.php<!-- /mclude -->

    This feature would allow me to exclude certain portions of the page from the cache.

    My plugin, as you know, offers two different ways to display the popular posts on your site: either via widget or by using the wpp_get_mostpopular page template. I didn’t find a way to just exclude the WPP widget from being cached, so I just excluded the whole sidebar by replacing <?php get_sidebar(); ?> with <!-- mfunc get_sidebar(); --><!-- /mfunc -->.

    Similarly, to exclude the wpp_get_mostpopular() template tag:

    <!-- mfunc if ( function_exists('wpp_get_mostpopular') ) wpp_get_mostpopular(); --><!-- /mfunc -->

    The downside of this approach is, as you can probably tell by now, that you must manually edit each of your theme’s templates where you reference either the sidebar or the template tag to get it working.

    Second approach: I researched a little bit more and found a way to programatically refresh the cache each time my plugin was called by your theme.

    I’m not entirely sure about how it works (it’s a quite complex plugin!) but I believe that each time you flush W3TC’s cache it recreates all pages again. If this is the case, then this solution would mean a huge impact on your site if it has a lot of posts / pages, or if it gets a lots of daily visits, because then W3TC would be recreating its cache way too often.

    So, my advice would be to go for the first approach instead. However, if you feel like trying what I did to my plugin to clear W3TC’s cache automatically I can post it here.

    By the way, I couldn’t help to notice that, at the time of writing this, W3TC has not been updated for over a year. Many users at the forum are wondering if the plugin was abandoned, so I’d keep an eye on it if I were you – things could get messy if the current version breaks on a future WordPress upgrade.

    (This is probably my longest post here in a while hehe)

    Hector – How could I accomplish your first approach when using a framework (I use Genesis) and do not want to mod core genesis files.

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Not really sure as I’m not familiar with Genesis. I’ll do a little research and if I find a suitable solution I’ll let you know.

    Thanks, Hector. This will help a lot of people, I’m sure.

    Plugin Author Hector Cabrera


    Alright guys, this issue has been fixed on version 2.3.3 so I’m marking this as resolved.

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