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  • Hi Ikki,

    i don’t have functions.php in my theme, what now to make the thumbnail work?

    How can i create a functions.php file?


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  • Hi,

    You don’t really the functions.php file to get thumbnails working. However, you won’t be able to pick the thumbnails yourself since your current theme can’t use The Post Thumbnail feature, and because of that my plugin will use timthumb.php to generate the images automatically.

    Just make sure you activate the thumbnail feature, and that your site also complies with the technical requirements described here.

    Thanks for your fast reply, but how can i activate the thumbnail feature without the functions.php?

    * excuse me for making 2 topics of the same

    No problem. Are you using my plugin as a sidebar widget? Or you’re using the shortcode functionality?

    No, i don’t have the widgets from wordpress, the theme has his own sidebars, i’m using the template code:

    if (function_exists(‘wpp_get_mostpopular’)) wpp_get_mostpopular(“range=all&order_by=comments&thumbnail_selection=wppgenerated&thumbnail_width=30&thumbnail_height=30”);

    I don’t see anything wrong with the code you just posted. Should work perfectly as it is. Please do check that your site meets the technical requirements described on the FAQ section.

    Yup the code is fine, but how to activate the thumbnail feature, cause now i’m seeing this:

    Everything is working well, except for the thumbnails, they are just white.

    technical requirements is ok.

    You don’t need to do anything else. If you set the thumbnail width and height my plugin will activate it automatically. However, it’ll check first if it’s actually possible to create a thumbnail, otherwise the feature will be turned off.

    The white images you’re seeing are default thumbnails created by my plugin since because WPP wasn’t able to find any usable images on your posts.

    ohw hmm strange.. cause these are posts with images in it.
    But ok, if theres nothing to do about it, then i shall leave it how it is.

    Thanks anyway.

    I’m re-working the thumbnail feature now with some fixes, wanna test it? I’m adding some extra checks that should work for you.

    Yea awesome, that would be great 🙂
    You gonna send it to me?

    Get it here and let me know the results, ok?

    Ok just uploaded it, and what exactly changed?
    nothing happend so far, still white images.

    It should look into your posts contents for images and use them if none is found attached.

    Are you sure your site does comply with the technical requirements?

    I’m unable to activate the “Display post thumbnail” option. Why? Make sure that: your host is running PHP 4.3 or higher; the GD library is installed and enabled by your host; your “wordpress-popular-posts/scripts/cache” directory exists and is writable; there are images on your posts (either attachted or selected under Featured Image).

    On all those questions “Yes” weird huh? :S

    Try installing WPP 2.0.3 (all versions before 2.1.0 relies only on timthumb.php to create the thumbnails) and let me know if there are any images on your wordpress-popular-posts/scripts/cache directory.

    What’s your site URL, by the way?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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