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  • The thumbnails on my blog show a broken image, and when I open the link to the thumbnail location, it says this:

    The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    I’m on 000webhost with PHP v5.2.10 and GD v2.0.34. I’ve also CHMODed the wordpress-popular-posts/scripts/cache folder to 777.

    The image in the cache folder is named as something like this: d68b01685b0f282ca5c9l58a51692697.png

    For the widget options, I’ve unticked everything except “Display post thumbnail”.

    I would really appreciate some help to be able to show the thumbnails.

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  • Hi jerickko,

    WordPress Popular Posts uses a great third-party piece of code known as timthumb to generate the thumbnails. Sounds to me that your problem is more likely being caused by a server-side issue that prevents timthumb from creating a working thumbnail, however I can’t really assure that since as I said this is a third-party app and don’t know for sure what could be wrong with it in your case.

    I found this thread on Timthumb’s Support Forums, seems a good place to start looking for some ideas on how to solve this. If you can’t find any answers in there, you should definitely create a support ticket at timthumb’s forum.

    Sorry that I can’t be of any further help. I’ll keep looking around and if I find anything useful I’ll let you know.

    Thanks for pointing out the issue Ikki24. That helped me find a solution.

    If anyone is having a similar issue, this code from leologger worked for me

    Awesome, thanks for sharing the solution jerickko! I’m sure other WPP users will find this thread useful!



    I had reported issues some time ago on another post that thread has ended (

    Strangely, when I changed my thumbnail size to anything larger than 30 x 30, images began appearing. Just wanted to share!

    Hello, I display a list of my blog’s most popular posts using thumbnails. Recently, it began displaying broken images instead as you can see on my blog at

    I don’t know any coding beyond CSS, HTML, and some simple PHP, so I wasn’t too comfortable editing the timthumb.php file using the code leologger posted. Is there another way to fix this issue?

    Update: The thumbnails are now working properly. In the widget settings, I unchecked “Generate all thumbnails for me” and instead checked “Display Post Thumbnail.” I’m guessing something is wrong with timthumb.php which is used for the first option.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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