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  • I installed the latest update, and I’m regretting it! Aaaagh! The All-time feature doesn’t work anymore and shows “Sorry. No data so far.” I sure hope I can recover that data / view count. It’s important to me.

    Will this be fixed soon? Or can we go back a version?

    Having same issue – bummer!

    Same… Hope it can be fixed…

    I am having the same problem on and
    In addition, I am using WP Popular posts in the left and in the right columns…well, in L it is working, but in the R columns the message is “Sorry. No data so far”, in both blogs.
    Can you help us?
    Many Thanks for your support.

    My “All Time” also recently zeroed out and shows:

    Sorry. No data so far.

    after working fine for months.

    @pietro.montagna – You’re having a separate issue. I’d almost guarantee this plugin is only meant to handle once instance of a widget.

    Anything after would just be “cut-off” or conflict.

    Thanks, Bryan

    Since downgrading it fixed the problem. Use this to download the last version download. I haven’t edited any of the files so watch out if you made change to yours.

    @echiomega – No offense, but I don’t recommend that anyone downloads from your link. It’s for everyone’s safety including yours. So people don’t go blaming you if they coincidentally get hacked or crash their site.

    I’m sure you’re a stand up person, but there’s really no point anyways when the official download links are available.

    @everyone – Please download older versions from here officially:

    Thanks, Bryan

    The mediafire files are solid, too. I downloaded and downgraded. We’ll just have to wait for the official fix. Thanks to @echiomega for the recommendation.

    And yeah, might as well use the official link, just in case he threw a nasty virus in. 🙂


    Besides there being no point in using MediaFire for this anyways, professionally speaking it’s best just to use official links.

    The thing is, of course I’m not going to try and harm anyone and I would likely assume echiomega isn’t either. It’s mostly about covering ourselves.

    I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way.

    Considering we live in a sad world where anyone can sue anyone for anything it’s best to stay sharp about these things.

    Thanks, Bryan

    I didn’t know about the download on wordpress so sorry about that… Too bad i can’t remove the link now… Anyway




    Will downloading the previous version restore / retain my previous view counts?

    Also, how do I revert to the previous version from within my WordPress dashboard?


    @thedentalwarrior Yes it will retain all your view count since it’s stored in the database. And it’s not possible to do this via dashboard. You need to have at least FTP access to upload the older version into your plugins folder and activate it.

    @echiomega… You’ll have to pardon my ignorance on this. I know I do have FTP access. But, can you walk me through the process? I downloaded the file which created a folder on my computer with various files in it. Which files do I upload (FTP) and to which destination? Then do I deactivate the NEW version before I activate the OLD version? I want to make sure I don’t lose my view counts. Thanks.

    Here’s what you need to do first on wordpress plugin page, Deactivate and then delete the new plugin.

    Now login to your host with FileZilla or your favorite FTP program.

    Click and go into these folders.

    wp-content -> plugins -> now upload “wordpress-popular-posts” into the plugins folder.

    The “wordpress-popular-posts” folder contain all the files like (php, and the style folder)

    Now go to your wordpress plugin page again and activate it.

    That’s all unnecessarily complicated.

    – Just download the previous version:

    – Then deactivate and delete out WordPress Popular Posts from the Plugins area of your WordPress admin

    – Then directly upload:

    via the upload function in Plugins area

    No need to FTP.

    Thanks, Bryan

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