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  • There’s an alternative: the [wpp] shortcode. With it, you can still embed the listing in your blog’s pages. If you need to insert it somewhere else (eg. on the sidebar, on the footer) you need to make your current theme widget-ready so that my plugin can be inserted where you want it to be.

    I rewrote the entire plugin to make it compatible with future versions of WordPress and also to give it multi-widget capabilities (as I announced here). This change implied some heavy modifications in my code to make it work under WordPress Widget Coding standards, which forced me to temporarily exclude that function from my plugin until I figure out a better way to implement it again (maybe a separate plugin for those who don’t want to use my plugin as a widget).

    I realize this can be a bit problematic for some people, so I apologize for the inconvenience this might cause you.

    Please create a separate plugin for those who can’t use the plugin as a widget. As with mpiftex, it’s not working for me. I want to put it into a tabbed sidebar, but I just don’t know how to do it.

    It will be really appreciated.

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    Thanks for the reply Ikki24 and thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into the plugin, it’s really appreciated.

    I really hope that in some point you’ll add this function again. I’m not a fan of widgets (I like to have full code control) and since I want the Popular posts list in the sidebar so for now I downgraded back to 1.5.1.

    AutoKwame, I don’t think it’s possible to put it in a tabbed sidebar as a widget. Although I’m not completely sure. I know it is not suggested but maybe you should downgrade too (and keep you’re site intact) until a solution is found.

    Sorry but its also broken the custom widget on the wpnow elements theme
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_mostpopular() in /home/topper/public_html/wp-content/themes/elements/functions.php on line 63

    That line is

    <?php get_mostpopular(); ?>

    So I have also reverted back to 1.5.1

    I don’t use widgets as well so I hope you will be adding the original function back again. Will be sticking to 1.5.1 now.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Ikki24, thanks for all of your hard work!

    But please-please-please, return the hard code support :(( I also don’t use widgets and this code is the only way i can use your plugin.

    You see, people don’t use widgets not only because their themes aren’t widget-ready. Even if they use old theme, it’s very easy to make widget support.
    Actually, i and all my friends don’t use widgets because of performance issues – wordpress widgets make significant server load and the very first step in wp optimization – is to disable widgets. It’s better for cpu, caching and etc.
    So, without hard code we couldn’t use your great plugin (and it’s really the best).
    Sticking to 1.5.1 with hope for the hard code-supported version….

    The 2.0 upgrade description did not contain any hint that the template usage would no longer work. Why do you want to force me to use a widget???

    Too bad!

    I just wanted to install this plugin, but it’s of no use to me if it doesn’t provide a template tag, since I want to add it to my site’s footer in a rather customized way.

    Please (re?)add this functionality! 🙂

    I’ve been using this plugin for more than a year on the front pages of my site, not on sidebar. And I’d really like to be able to use <?php get_mostpopular(); ?> again or else the plugin is no use to me too.


    I’ve also kept it downgraded to version before 2.0. Oh well.

    Is it somehow possible to disable to update notification for version 2.0?

    Alas, I am like the others here. I’ve disliked widgets from the beginning and find them far more trouble than simple hardcoding. The removed functionality means I have downgrade as well.

    Also, I’ve tried the [wpp] shortcode in a number of places and have yet to get it to work in any location (including my custom sidebar, footer, and in a post).

    While the shortcode seems like a good idea, it doesn’t seem like an over useful feature for how this particular plugin would be utilized. Maybe I’m wrong on that one.

    Thank you for your effort and work on creating this plugin, but I am sad that the useful functionality for people that have utilized this plugin is now broken.

    Thank you guys for your feedback!

    It seems that the shortcode was being used by a lot more people than I thought! I’ll try a few ideas to get that function working again (I won’t be re-adding the configuration page though, maybe will let you use parameters instead?).

    Gotta warn you guys that this might take sometime as my home PC is broken and haven’t been able to fix it so the only chance I’ve got to test my code is while I’m at work – and that’s a bit of a problem for me as I don’t have much spare time while I’m there.

    Anyways, don’t worry! It’ll be re-added as soon as possible.

    bwethington, while the shortcode feature isn’t something that gives my plugin a totally different level, it still could be useful for those who don’t want to show their most popular entries on their sidebar or footer but on a single page.

    Also I believe that new features are, generally speaking, welcome so why not? 😉

    Once again, thanks for your feedback people! You make my plugin better!

    Sorry to pile on, but I too was a user of the template tag. Just thought I’d mention it so you have an idea of how many people used this feature!

    It’s a great plugin, so I’ll be looking forward to the updated version. Thanks for your hard work.

    Where can I get 1.51? I too would like to revert as the plugin is now effectively broken for me.

    edit: nevermind, found it. Go to plugin page on wordpress and click “other versions”

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