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  • Hi wramos,

    I just updated my widget’s title and it worked fine. Can you please take a screenshot of that before and after hitting the save button?

    Thanks Ikki24!

    Here’s the before

    And after.

    Appreciate your time and help. =)

    Ooops. Screwed that up.

    Here’s the after.

    Yes, this is a HUGE problem with the latest version. The widget title doesn’t save, then the code is mis-formatted, and the whole sidebar goes to hell.

    Trust me, I’ve spent over an hour trying to find out why and realized that the issue was I upgraded the plugin. Reverted back to 2.0.3 and all was good again.

    Running WordPress 2.9.2

    Can you guys post here your sites’ URL? Need to see the actual code that WPP is generating.

    I’m working on and WPP is integrated into the tabbed widget on the side.

    Like I said, I downgraded so my issue has been cleared up.

    Other details:
    – Even when WPP wasn’t a part of the tabbed widget on the side, it still didn’t work correctly.
    – I tried re-setting all the data for WPP.
    – I tried de-activating the plugin and re-activating.
    – There were no JS errors in Firefox’s error console.

    Mmm that’s odd. However, can’t tell what might be happening as I’m unable to reproduce the bug locally. I even tried wramos’ setup and everything worked without any problems.

    Anyways, I’m already working on v2.1.1 which solves some issues and will include a couple improvements. Maybe you wanna try it to see if it fixes the title issue you mentioned. Download it here.

    Here’s the link to one of my sites where the title is not saving:

    Just update above site with v2.1.1 and still can’t save title in widget. Now it displays “2.0.3” where the title should be. Typing in a title in the widget and clicking on Save just blanks the title box as before.

    Appreciate your help with this. Would love to get this working again.

    wramos, please re-download the plugin as I’ve done some minor changes and let me know the results.

    Ikki24: Awesome! The latest beta version as of today (7/6/10) appears to have fixed the issue with the widget title not saving. Really appreciate your help with this! =)

    Thanks for coming back and confirming this, wramos! I’ll do some minor changes on the beta and release it officially within the next couple of days.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    No prob. Unfortunately- I’ve run across problem that just sprung up after installing the latest beta version. It doesn’t appear that the image thumbs for the posts are being created any more.

    See sidebar “What’s Hot This Month” to see what I’m talking about.

    Any ideas what to check for?

    Thanks again, Ikki24

    wramos, I’m seeing a thumbnail for each post on your list – except the one on top.

    Currently, if my plugin doens’t find an image on a determined post (no images have been attached to the post, nor have a selected image under “Featured image”), no image will be displayed. The beta version has been updated just now and will show a default image if none is found.

    By the way, just checked your site and noticed another minor bug on my plugin: it’s not printing your posts’ titles on the popular list. You might want to download the updated beta version of WPP to fix that and to test the default thumbnail feature (there are no visible options for this on the Widget control, instead you’ll see a new image on the wordpress-popular-posts folder called no-thumb.jpg which you can replace with your own if desired).

    Download WordPress Popular Posts 2.1.1 Beta.

    Thanks again! Just downloaded and installed the latest beta (above) and seems to have fixed the title problem- but I still don’t get why it’s not creating some of the thumbnails even when the posts definitely do have an image attached to them such as this post.

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