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    It is not quite clear to me where a lot of the instructions are to be placed. I have successfully set up nginx as a front end proxy but where do I add all your directives?
    I host multiple vhosts, have multiple vhost files and am unsure where to put all these directives.
    I can put them into the server or into the location blocs, and I have multiple location blocs, one for static content that gets served by nginx and one for dynamic content that gets proxied through to apache2.
    so where do I add these caching directives?
    I can give you my nginx config files if needed…

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  • I also found this guide: which seems a bit newer than yours, do I still need your plugin?

    Plugin Author Dan Collis-Puro


    Sorry for the slow response – for some reason, I don’t get notification of these posts.

    If you look through the docs, it tells you where to put the nginx configs pretty clearly, check out the comments. Basically, the vhost directives go into an included file.

    It doesn’t look like the guide you posted is complete – and really, once you’ve got a caching nginx proxy in front of your wordpress, squeezing (say) 10% more out of your backend becomes a lot less important.

    Plus we use apache with wordpress for much more than just PHP interpolation – we use it for ldap auth to restrict certain blogs entirely from those without proper credentials, and have an absolute ton of rewrite rules to maintain legacy URLs. It’d be difficult if not impossible to move away from apache on the backend for us.

    Here is another set of instructions I have been using to try and get this thing going. It is really easy to use and includes some chmod instructions that I needed to use on my set up.

    Plugin Author Dan Collis-Puro


    I really don’t trust spawn_fcgi (search for “spawn_fcgi crash”). Plus it doesn’t have enough knobs and buttons when compared to just using an apache backend. If you’ve got nginx caching for you in front of apache, factoring the well known, stable, flexible, highly tunable apache out of the equation seems premature.

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