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    I’m want to run multiple galleryview instances. Seems when I create a second one they glitch out.

    If I have more than one in the same post, they both only show one thumbnail, regardless of how many images are in the gallery.

    If I have one in each post but listing down a category page (ie multiple posts per page) they behave as above but also when i refresh the first gallery loses all formatting and shows the images at full size one after the other down the page.

    Can anyone offer any insight? Is there anywhere in particular I should be checking for issues?


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  • I’m just starting to explore this. Some variables seem to have global scope when they should be local. For example, if you create a 600×400 slideshow and, beneath it, create a 400×600 one, then both slideshows will take on 400×600.

    This is a big problem on the front page where different posts may have slideshows with different aspect ratios. My workaround is to use GalleryView only for landscape-mode slideshows…

    Hi istarnet,

    the global variables scenario sounds very likely. The issue i’m experiencing is with the thumbnails, though. How does having landscape slideshows resolve this?

    sammond7, I looked into the plugin a bit. The shortcode is working properly to pass the correct values to each instance of the slideshow. The problems lie in the javascript code. Do you have a page showing the messed up thumbnails?

    Hi istarnet,

    You’ll notice 3 thumbs appear for each gallery. However, the top gallery should actually have 4. It seems that the javascript will set the number of thumbs from the gallery with the least amount of images.

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks for taking a look.

    I am pretty sure that the javascript has only one big problem. The storage for slideshow options (that ought to be local) is global. The effect is that the last call sets the options for all galleries on the page.

    In your case, the first gallery has four images. It could have a gazillion or more. The second gallery has three images. Thus, all slideshows are configured to display only three thumbnails. Last in rules.

    I’m not going to debug this because my client is satisfied with the current function. Good luck though. If you fix, post it!

    Thanks for your insight in to the issue thus far – I really appreciate it! Will post again if I can work it out 🙂

    Hopefully others have a similar issue and are little more experienced in jquery/javascript?

    Cheers 😉

    Hi All,

    I’m submitting an elance contract to get this issue fixed. Obviously, this costs money. Is anyone else in a situation where they need more than one gallery per page and therefore would benefit from seeing this resolved?

    If so, would anyone like to donate a small amount toward getting this working? Here is the job:



    got this one solved. let me know if you need the code.


    sammond7 — I need a solution to the problem with multiple nextgen galleryview galleries on one page. Any suggestions?


    Hi Jack,

    To be honest, i’m trialling other gallery plugins as alternatives now since using an unsupported plugin seems a bit risky with respect to future proofing your website. However, here is the info you need to fix the thumbnail display:

    Original script author forgot to declare ‘wrapper_height’ variable inside plugin function. In javascript you don’t need to declare variable but then implicitly global variable will be created and this is what happened here. Height of the thumbnails area had the value of the last gallery instance.

    Only modification I made was to add this declaration:
    var wrapper_height;

    beneath line 39: var wrapper_width;


    Let me know how you go.



    @sam, thanks for posting your fix. @jack, I have also abandoned this plugin. I found some display problems on (I think) IE7 and just threw up my hands. My new strategy is to use NextGen for sites that require major images gallery display but fall back to Media Library for sites with posts containing slideshows. With the Media Library I attach slideshow images and use Portofino gallery. This doesn’t allow multiple slideshows within a single post but it does allow the multi-post page to contain a number of posts, each containing a single slideshow.

    Besides the multiple gallery problem, I had a number of issues with the GalleryView addon plugin which worked with previous releases. The ScrollGallery plugin seems to be more stable, but NextGen is getting to be seriously complicated and heavy-weight for most uses.

    I’m open to other solutions that allow a selection of images from a scrollable set of thumbnails that is supported and compatible with latest releases of WordPress.

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