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  • First off, let me say that I really like this plug-in, and hope that the issues i’m having with my site can be resolved.

    I currently have 4 NAVT menu’s, each with approximately 30 items. For a few days, everything worked great. All of a sudden, all of the items from one menu disappeared. I went ahead and re-created the form, and again…everything was good for a few days. The next issue happened when the items from one menu were removed and replaced with items from another.

    I enjoy using this plug-in and was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues. I would love to hear some of the things that could be done to ensure that the NAVT menu’s work properly in my site.

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  • This just happened to me as well, but I was only missing two of the items from one of my groups.

    This occurred after I did a lot of mass re-ordering via another plugin called mass edit pages. I wonder if WP’s new structure and functions caused the break.

    I just came back and found one of my six groups, plus six other groups, all of them titled exactly the same as the remaining group, all of them containing a single item… identical in each case.



    We too have expereinced this type of “random replacement” within our NAVT lists. often the LINK is still ok, but the title has mysteriously changed.

    I originally thought it had to do with pagemash plugin, but i replaced it with “my page order” plugin and it still occurs. i have yet to try site management without either of these tools (and its not practical for us to do so in production, btu i will for testing purposes). I am also curious if it has to do with the browser/flash version that is being used. But I’m honestly not sure how or why that would be the case.

    It would be very very good to hear from the developer that 1.) they acknowledge the issue, and 2.) they are willing to work with us to resolve it.

    running WP 2.8.4, php 5.2.3. currently on FF3.0.14 32bit on linux (ubuntu 9.04), though I’ve encountered it using FF3.5 64bit linux (ubuntu 9.04) too.

    Dalton Rooney


    Whoa. I thought this was just me. I have random titles in my menus changing to the titles other pages. It’s really weird.

    I have still yet to nail this down, but can confirm that the random changing appears to happen more often if I use IE6 under windows (godawful browser), but still happens if I use firefox 3 or 3.5 under windows, and even FF 3.5 under os x 10.5.

    If requested i will get full versions etc.

    i would REALLY appreciate having someone knowledgeable talk to this point as I believe that it makes this amazing tool dangerous and less useful. I cannot in good faith give otherwise competent staff access to use NAVT lists because of these unpredictable consequences. I have to make the change and then apologize as the list of complaints come in as i go and try to fix them – the process of which makes further errors…

    We are seriously looking at other solutions, but this IS the best tool for the job, it just doesn’t work reliably. please help!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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