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  1. daviddicks
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Still having problems as details in this thread:


    I use navt with a fairly large number of pages (probably a couple of hundred) and find that the menus have often lost their original name or get jumbled to take the name of a different page.

    I think this happens most when there is an edit to one or more of the pages, i.e. if I update a pages content. Navt for some reason just doesnt keep the name Ive assigned to the pages and gets all out of whack and jumbled.

    It means I have to do a re-edit of a lot of the page names over and over and it is incredible time consuming and disheartening.

    Is there any chance a fix is on its way to make navt more, robust and reliable? I would pay $100 for a reliable version on NAVT.

    Also if you have a large number of pages then navt will call the database a phenomenal amount of times everytime the webpage is refreshed, causing a bid performance slow down on the site.

    If some sort of caching option was build into navt it would make it an incredible powerful plugin for those using wordpress as a cms, as the perfomance of NAVT on a large site is a big factor.


  2. daviddicks
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Any help, happy to pay for a fix?


  3. Greg Bellucci
    Posted 7 years ago #

    David - write to me at greg[at]gbellucci[dot]us.

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