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  • I’m not really sure where the navigation is supposed to appear on my page. I built a group with a couple of my pages. I then configured the options of the group to show on my page.

    I went to that page and nothing shows. I even turned my appearance back to the default wordpress theme.

    What are the basic settings (or options) that need to be set in order for navigation to appear?

    What should I set for Options, Display, CSS, Theme? If I don’t fiddle with this will it appear?

    The documentation says you can embed in your pages. What does that mean? Is it automatically embeded or do I need to add some code to the page?

    The admin interface works great and there is lots of documentation on that part. But there isn’t much on what one does to make it appear. There aren’t any screenshots showing it either so I’m not sure what to be looking for. Hope someone can shed some light, this seems like a powerful plugin.

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  • To make a menu appear on a page, the menu must be added to a page using a NAVT widget. The theme must support the use of widgets. On the widgets page you will find NAVT widgets. Add one to one of the dynamic sidebars listed and then (from within the widget) select the name of the menu you want to be displayed and save the configuration. Controlling the appearance of the menu is determined by the theme style sheet like any other menu.

    There are articles I’ve written on the NAVT home page that go into details regarding embedding menus in pages: – look at the tags on the page.

    Yay! It appears! I’d suggest mentioning that you display navigation by going to your widget section. It isn’t anywhere in the documentation (as far as I could see at least, maybe I missed something).

    Thanks for the quick response, great support!



    I’m on my widgets page, and I can drag other widgets (Archives, Calendar, Categories, etc.) into the sidebar, but the NAVT widget will not let me drag it.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Laura S.

    I am having the same issue. I can drag other widgets into my sidebar but because NAVT doesn’t have a proper title in the widgets page it won’t let me drag and drop into my sidebar.

    Anyone know a fix to manually add a widget to sidebar or a way to add a title so I ahve something to “grab” onto when drag and dropping?

    I have been to the website for this plugin and there are no clear and concise instructions on how to add a menu to a page using this plugin. Sure you can add them to the side bar but I have looked high and low for some code to insert into my header to create a menu so I can then go on to configure it myself. gbellucci if you can point to exact pages on your site that gives the “detailed” instructions it would be appreciated. I can’t find one block of code similar to other plugins [NAVT Menu on page] like that.
    You give an example of how to add it to the side bar but nothing detailed about adding a true navigation bar horizontally across a pages header or anywhere. That is that we can find clearly on your site. I really like what I see on the user interface in the admin area but just because it looks cool in the admin area doesn’t make it efficient and feasible if there are no clear and concise instruction. I’m sorry if I’m a bit short here but I’ve looked for a total of 7 hours regarding this plugin and I”m about to hang it. Can you tell me if the menu is dynamically created by php or does the list have to be hard coded and then styled. Thanks for clearing things up

    I am actually trying to figure out where I can add this table to a page as well. So far, I can only add it to the side bar. I’d like to add it to the main part of the page.

    I’ve had the same issue with the NAVT widget not having a title in the WP Widgets page. However, it’s just about possible to grab the top edge and drag it to a side bar.

    Once you’ve done that, and possibly configured it, it automagically has a title and can be moved around again.

    WP: 2.9.1. NAVT:1.0.34

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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