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    I have tried getting help via all of the appropriate avenues (BP forum, BP IRC chat, and even WP IRC chat), but have not been able to find a solution, and I REALLY need to get this fixed before I can move forward with my site.

    I’m running BP on a multisite WP installation along with the sitewide tags plugin to pull blog posts from child sites into the main site, essentially making a copy of all child site posts on the main site as if they’d been written there originally. Since blog owners’ posts to their child site blogs also post to their main site profiles, this is causing double posts to the activity stream. You can see an example here (one post will say “on the site ________” and the double will say “on the site”):

    I need to eliminate the doubles that say “on the site”, which is my main blog, ID# 1. I’m assuming this is done on activity/activity-loop.php, somehow using bp_has_activities(), but am fuzzy on where to go from there.

    I have read the doc for the activity loop, and I’ve gotten as far as the following (which I assume is way off, but it’s a starting point, at least). Where in my activity/activity-loop.php would it go? I’m assuming that this will exclude EVERYTHING about blog #1, so how do I specify to allow everything from ID# 1 EXCEPT blog posts?

    <?php if ( bp_has_activities( '!primary_id=1') ) : ?>

    It was suggested that I use the Block Activity Stream Types plugin to solve the problem, but doing so completely screws up the functionality of my “featured” post area on the index page of my site, causing it to not even load past the “featured” heading when it’s trying to load a post that was designated as “featured” after the block types plugin was activated. Not sure why that happens, because the posts are being pulled by a custom post query on my index page template, and the posts that SWT pulls into my main site (the tags blog) are still there…I have no idea why messing with the BP activity stream has anything to do with THAT interaction.

    I’m just at my wit’s end here, and am pleading for someone to help me figure this out 🙁

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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