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  1. This plugin, when combined with Subscribe2, always sends out two emails for every post. The solution as presented by Subscribe2's author is to add:

    add_post_meta($p, "s2mail", "no");

    after inserting the post. Would you be willing to include this in a future release? (as I obviously dislike hacking plugins)

    If you don't want to mod your plugin to work better with another, which is understandable, would it be possible to not just copy, but SET, post meta with the plugin option on the Options page? There's already a box for copying postmeta. What about adding the ability add meta that can be set as well?

    If you want to copy custom fields with posts. One custom field per line.

    my_foo_meta would just be copied, s2mail would be set to no?




  2. Ron Rennick
    MultiSite Guru
    Plugin Author

    Posted 5 years ago #

    Why not turn the subscribe2 off on the tags blog?

  3. Rom - I've tried that.

    Unfortunately, it seems the architecture is such that while running as blog1, if I switch_to_blog(2), code is still run with blog1's plugins active. :/

  4. Also unfortunate is that even adding what the Subscribe2 author suggests doesn't help if you're sending the emails right away ><

    So what I suggested above, while maybe helpful for something/someone else, wouldn't fix my issue.

    Would love to hear some other suggestions as to how to handle this...

  5. So - I've been unable to resolve this. In fact, I've found more problems with it. It gives unexpected/undesired behavior with pretty much any plugin that does something on a post being published. It will duplicate any automated tweeting, for example.

    Is this just the nature of the beast?

    Is it possible that this plugin should NOT use wp_insert_post, and instead sneak the post in manually with sql? I know it sounds awful, but it seems like it would accomplish the expected behavior I can't seem to get otherwise.

    Any ideas?

  6. It will duplicate any automated tweeting, for example.

    Is this just the nature of the beast?

    Yes, especially if you're using auto-post tools.

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