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    I am using version 4.2 of SWT

    I have used this plugin on my development install and all is good, but when I try to populate posts from a sepcified blog or from all blogs it doesnt work. It will not load new posts or edited posts either. About the only thing that seems to be working is the settings page saves my settings.

    Can you give me some pointers as to the steps I should take. Like disable plugin, delete tags blog and start from scratch or something along those lines. I can not disable any plugins and I can not change the theme, the site is in use and all else is fine.

    I can go in and make some edits to the plugin that will save data to a log file to inform me when certain actions have happened. Can you can point me to the functions I should check are being executed.

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    I can not disable any plugins and I can not change the theme, the site is in use and all else is fine.

    If SWT won’t save a newly published post then you have a conflict with either the theme or one of the plugins. If all of your existing plugins (and theme) are critical to you then you won’t be able to use SWT.

    Thats not very helpful.

    I know you guys are busy with your own thing and I was just looking for a little direction, but telling me I wont be able to use it isnt the answer.

    I guess Im on my own with things as usual.

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    Thats not very helpful.

    With the info you have provided & saying you can’t disable any plugins you have ruled out me trying to help you. There is obviously a conflict some where. The only practical way to find it is to turn off plugins.

    If you want someone to help you find the issue, you have to be willing to meet them half way. There are over 18,000 plugin in the repository plus at least another 2000 elsewhere. What you have asked me to do is give psychic tech support.

    Like I said I guess Im on my own as usual.

    I mentioned I could use the name of a function which I should validate is working. I can do this by placing a dump_to_log line of code which will dump to a log file and output something like “plugin works to here”.

    Instead you would rather piss and moan about the size of the repository. This has to happen all the time where someone is on a production server that users are using and its not appropriate to interrupt things for something as minimal to troubleshoot as this.

    Com’on now expand that powerful mind of yours. I see all kinds of great help come from you all over the these forums. We should as a WordPress community should develop have a way to troubleshoot the plugins, widgets and themes without telling someone to turn things off on a production server.

    Ill let you know when I find the culprit.

    heh, I feel like such a douche. I didnt network activate the plugin and therefore the save_post hook was never triggered and the function to save the post to the tags blog never executed.

    I literally added a write to log function into the begging of the sitewide_tags_post() function to see if it was being executed and once I verified it was not I then thought well the save_post hook would be executed once the blog Im adding a post executes the save_post function so the only what that hook would be skipped is if the plugin is not activated on that blog. I then realized I must have the plugin only activated on the main blog.

    I wish the symptoms of me being one of those idiots was a little more obvious then it was. Then maybe you might have said, “did you ever network activate the plugin dumbass”.

    Maybe all of this hoopla will help you notice someone elses idiotic mistakes from with similar symptons.

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