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  • Well… I don’t feel it’s 100% correct to classify this as broken because WPMU got merged with WP and this was made for WPMU, nevertheless, it’s not working with WP 3.0.1

    Hope someone can update this!
    Thanks in advance!


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  • It *is* working. I test it and use it on upgraded sites.

    Please make sure you installed it correctly in the mu-plugins folder, and have set it up correctly.

    i am also having a problem with this – it worked fine first – but now it has stopped working – i have uninstalled and reinstalled and deactivated other plugins with no luck – but one thing is curious, even after a reinstall the default blog name is changed to archaeoblog (the name i gave) rather than blogs – i have also tried using main blog but this does not work either – i have deleted other subdomain sites with the hope that that would work…but it didn’t – so now i’ve ran out of ideas….and juts at the time when i asked some people to test the site live..:( any thoughts?

    now working – not quite sure why:)

    I got the 3.0.1 version too and i can’t make it run. I’ve created the mu-plugins folder and i’ve installed the plugin in there. Nothing.
    Do i have to activated the mu-plugins folder somehow?
    I got my network activated and i have some other blogs working.

    If i install it in the normal plugins folder, i can see the options in the admin panel like the specifications says, but it doesn’t work.


    You have to put the *file* in the mu-plugins folder. not the folder the plugin lives in.

    If you leave it in the regualr plugins folder, you have to network activate it.

    It will not work properly when activate don one blog, as it needs to access *all* blogs.

    The plugin does work when installed properly.

    Ok, i continue this steps in the readme file of the plugin:

    1. Copy sitewide-tags.php into wp-content/mu-plugins/
    2. Login as a site administrator and go to Site Admin, Options. A number of extra options are created:
    1. “Tags blog” defaults to “tags” but can be anything. This is the blog where your sitewide posts will live. It will be created if it doesn’t exist.
    2. Check “Post to main blog” to use your main blog as the tags blog.
    3. 4 etc…..


    post to one of the other blogs in the network. it should repost it to the tags blog, or the main blog if you have it set to that.

    It’s working!!, i did a reinstallation of the plugin and it works good.
    Only a thing, i got to look for a way to show the posts of before the installation of the plugin…

    thank you so much Andrea_r.

    the fix
    replace all calls in the code to $wpmuBaseTablePrefix with $wpdb->base_prefix

    the hack
    Find global $wpmuBaseTablePrefix;

    and replace it with
    global $wpdb, $wpmuBaseTablePrefix;
    $wpmuBaseTablePrefix = $wpdb->base_prefix;

    You do not need to add $wpdb to the global if is already there

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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