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    Hi, I am running WordPress 3.3.1 and BuddyPress 1.5.4. This plugin functions like it is supposed to, I now have a central blog with all my members posts, but, while I was using the feature to put all blog entries in it at once, something must have happened because any blogs made before today cannot be accessed by the wp-admin dashboard unless super admin does it.

    Users get this error: “You attempted to access the “NAME OF BLOG” dashboard, but you do not currently have privileges on this site. If you believe you should be able to access the “NAME OF BLOG” dashboard, please contact your network administrator.”

    Sites are still listed on the member’s Buddypress profile page as being owned, but not listed as an author on the nav bar. I can go in under Network as super admin and add the member to his or her blog and have them listed as author on the nav bar, but, the space where the users are listed under network site admin does not exist, and I cannot see users nor change their roles. It is almost like Mutisite is disabled for all blogs that did exist when this error happened.

    Once manually added to their blog by super admin, the user gets a different error message when trying to access wp-admin for their blog: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    I have even been dropped from sites I created as super admin, except for the main blog. Super Admin cannot even be added to any preexisting blogs as anything other than a user. When I try to add a higher role through network sites dashboard by blindly choosing an option from the drop down menu I get this error: “You can’t give users that role.”

    All new blogs that are made today work perfectly fine and function exactly as they are supposed to function, and their posts get added to the central blog. It is just prexisting blog sites are messed up. The only thing I can think of is to delete all 200+ preexisting user blogs and help them start over.

    Any ideas? is my site

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    I’m not sure what exactly happened since SWT doesn’t do anything with the user caps. Sounds like you may have a corrupt table in the DB. Have you tried repairing the global tables?

    My main suggestion would be don’t run the populate again with BP active.

    I figured out an easy fix for it. Your plugin is working great with WordPress 3.3.1 and BuddyPress 1.54, no problems there, you are getting 5 stars from me. I took your advice and cleaned up my database.

    After cleaning up, optimizing and repairing the database and still not getting it to work right, I had a huge a-ha moment. All new blogs that are created work perfectly. So, I just simply make a new blog in the super admin site dashboard so users on my BuddyPress install cannot see the site creation in the activity and name it exactly the same as the messed up blog, but with a #2 after it, making the administrator of the blog the same as the messed up blog. I then apply the same theme as the original blog and use the WordPress export function on blog #1. I then use the import function on blog #2, make sure everything is exactly the same, delete the original blog, then take the #2 out of the new blog and nothing has changed to the original blog, and the user can now access the dashboard again. 🙂

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    It does work with BP. But the populate is quite resource intensive and so is BP. By deactivating BP you would leave more resources available for the populate.

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