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[Plugin: WordPress MU Domain Mapping] Logout issues

  • I have a multisite blog with four sites that are set up with domain mapping: the main blog (blog.dev) and three subdomain sites (a.blog.dev, b.blog.dev, and c.blog.dev). Using this plugin, I have mapped each site to their respective domains: blog.dev, bloga.dev, blogb.dev, blogc.dev.

    My Domain Mapping settings that I have checked are: Remote Login, User domain mapping page, and Redirect administration pages to site’s original domain (remote login disabled if this redirect is disabled).

    Login works perfectly. I am able to log in once at blog.dev, and it will show up as being logged in on bloga.dev, blogb.dev, and blogc.dev.

    The problem I am experiencing is with logging out. If I log out of bloga.dev, for instance, then I will be logged out of blog.dev and bloga.dev (which is good). However, I will still show up as being logged in on blogb.dev and blogc.dev.

    Do you have any suggestions for correcting this behavior (so that it logs me out of all sites), or where I should begin to start debugging?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • On an unrelated note, I noticed a bug in the remote_login_js() function of domain_mapping.php regarding an occasional “Unknown logout key” message. Specifically, in the } elseif ( $_GET[ 'action' ] == 'logout' ) { block, there is a $wpdb->prepare( ... ) call that has WHERE id = %d which actually needs to be WHERE id = %s (since the id is an md5 hash).

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll put it on the list to look at the next time I’m working on DM.


    I have the same problem. Anything news?

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    No, I haven’t looked at it. I pushed out a version for 3.3 that fixed an issue every user was having & haven’t had time to get back to it yet.

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