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  • Hi!

    I am trying to set up the domain mapping since this morning, and I’m getting crazy.

    The documentation doesn’t seem to reflect the way the plugin actually works (plug-in page, and Otto’s page both seem outdated). Or is it just me?

    Anyway, I have two main problems.

    1. When I try to add a new domain in Settings/Domain, it just doesn’t work. Comes back to the page, nothing added, nothing change.

    2. Also:

    For Cpanel users
    If your domain uses the nameservers on your hosting account you should follow these instructions. If the nameservers are elsewhere change the A record or CNAME as documented above. Add a wildcard subdomain/virtual host record to your site’s DNS record in Web Host Manager (WHM). If you do not have access to WHM, you must email your web host and ask them to make this one change for you. Should be no problem:

    Go to “Edit DNS Zone” and select the domain of your WPMU installation and click “Edit”.
    Below “Add New Entries Below This Line”, enter in the first box (Domain) an asterisk: “*”.
    The second box, TTL, should be “14400”.
    The third box should be “IN”.
    Select A Record Type from the drop down “A”.
    And in the last box, paste in the IP address of your website/network.

    I use cPanel, and I have one IP for the server, one domain name from the web hosting, and one domain name I added for the main site. Knowing this, could someone translate the instructions above to something a normal human being can understand?

    Or point me to an updated instruction set?


    Sorry, but doing anything with WordPress has never be such a mess than domain mapping. 🙁

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  • OK, I understood what went wrong, and I almost got it to work.

    But I have another problem.

    I have a primary blog which is on a primary domain. Let’s call it My network works with subdomains. So, I have in the end: -> ->

    And, in order to avoid domain squatting, points to, points to

    As I understood, we can’t change mapping, in order to have it pointing to and having and so.

    What can I do?

    Do I have to buy a random domain name to my primary blog, so that I can properly use my domain name? But can I change my primary blog domain name?…

    Yes, I can (change the primary domain name).

    To do that, I used a wonderful and life saving plugin named “Search and Replace”.

    It allowed to search and replace directly on my database the now old primary domain name with the new one. It worked beautifully, and I have been able to finish my network domain mapping.

    Now it works as intended. 🙂


    I figured out what works with WordPress 3.3, on shared hoating accounts, with subdomains.

    Here’s the full directions for WordPress 3 Multi-Site Domain Mapping

    Not sure what you mean “change mapping, in order to have it pointing to “. From what you say after, I am guessing that is a domain with an existing web site you want people to find? If so, definitely have a random domain name (.info was cheap recently) for WordPress; you don’t want visitors to your domain seeing WordPress stuff. Yes, with a new (random) domain name, you can have your hosting tech support change your setup so points to /public_html/ and is an add-on domain

    I covered how to have WordPress in /public_html and your non-WordPress web sites in /public_html/domain1, and as many blogs as you want. See WordPress 3 Multi-Site with Existing Web Sites.

    Leave comments here or on my blog with any questions, maybe I’ll know the answers.

    First, thank you very much for this kind answer.

    I will try to explain my problem better, since it might be useful for many people.

    I have my own domains – let’s call them,, etc. – and I had my web hosting domain that I will call

    When I created my network, my mistake have been to use instead of as my primary blog.

    As you know, once the network is created, you can’t map any domain to the primary blog ; it is stuck to the domain you choose, without even the ability to use the www prefix for it.

    Also, which was another misleading thing, the option for mapping is of course not available on the primary blog.

    Once I understood that the domain mapping plugin was indeed working properly by checking secondary blogs, my problem was to be able to map something to my primary blog.

    The solution was to create another secondary blog which would receive, and that I would be able to map the way I wanted (www prefix, and some other domains pointing to it).

    Once the secondary blog was created, I download my config file, changed into

    Then, I install the plugin “Search & Replace”, asked it to look for “” and replace it with “” in my sql database.

    Once done, I uploaded the new wp-config file, and it worked beautifully. I now have a useless site on my network, which will be used for prototyping designs as I work on them and all (and so, it becomes useful), and my primary blog (which is now technically a secondary blog) works the way I intended it to. 🙂

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