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  1. RAMI7250
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hi there,

    my name is rami and i have VPS server with wordpress 3.3.1 install on my domain http://corenetos.com/mu/.
    i enabled the "enable multi-site" plugin and i notice that i cant make my sites over new domain. and i will explain:

    when i create a new site in the "network" of wordpress i get the option to choose between subdomain or directory to install and display, it means in another words, that if i create a new site under one of the above options- all users will the the main site address on the address bar (which ofcourse i dont want it to be display like that)

    for example: i have the wordpress 3.3.1 install on http://corenetos.com/mu/ and i create a new site in the wordpress "network" for other domain i have named: html2css.com, hosted on name.com. when i do "masked url forwarding" (in name.com) for the html2css.com to go to http://corenetos.com/mu/html2css/ the visitors of my site see the address: http://www.corenetos.com/mu/ when they over or click on any button or link, when the address on the address bar remains on http://www.html2css.com.

    now what i want is, and correct me if i am in the wrong place:

    i want the new site i create (html2css.com) to display on the address bar the location http://html2css.com/index.php instead of showing corenetos.com/mu/html2css/ and that all the links will be correct to html2css.com and not to corenetos.com/mu/
    also i want that the "new site" will display his own posts and links.

    i want the visitors of the "new site" to see the real "new site" html2css.com, not the corenetos.com/mu/html2css/ site and address.

    1. is "wordpress-mu-domain-mapping" plugin can do and manage that via "domain mapping"? if the answer is yes- can someone forward me into good guide for this?
    2. is this is what i actually need?

    check out my sites:
    main site: corenetos.com/mu/
    new site: http://www.html2css.com
    and tell me if the "wordpress-mu-domain-mapping" plugin is what i need, and if it will fix that issue for me.

    one point i have to mention:

    i know i need to install this plugin on corenetos.com instead of corenetos.com/mu/ and i am planning to buy a new domain and start all over there. so i have get that in mind.

    by the way, i am an old friend and fan of wordpress (since 2006) :)



  2. RAMI7250
    Posted 4 years ago #

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