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[Plugin: WordPress MU Domain Mapping] How does use of external domains affect traffic analytics?

  • Hey, I’m very curious to know more about how an external domain mapping affects the traffic analytics of the main domain.

    In my case we’re talking about Google Analytics. I currently have website.org and website.com as separate profiles on Analytics. They’re both hosted on the same physical server (private) and assigned to the same registrar (DreamHost), but in different folders, with separate WordPress installations and obviously different domains.

    I plan to turn website.org into a Multisite, and the .com will be imported into this site as either product.website.org or website.org/blogs/product depending on how we choose to set it up. But ultimately this blog is going to be mapped to the external website.com so nothing will appear to have changed.

    Now I’m wondering, what will Google Analytics be telling me, and will it still have its facts straight? Will there be statistics for both product.website.org and website.com, or will one be ignored? If both, will they be identical or will one deviate from the other?

    Is there any particular Analytics setting, e.g. a filter trick or something of the sort, that should be applied in these situations?

    I will greatly appreciate anyone taking the time to respond to my queries.


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  • Well, if you still have the GA individual code appearing on each site, you’ll still get individual results for each one. Just like it is now.

    I suppose so. The question is if GA would recognize any activity on product.website.org, or if that domain will be considered completely unnoticed.

    that address is only used by the admin area.

    Hi Andrea. Found this post through a google search and its close enough to my issue I hope y’all don’t mind me tacking on.
    I’m moving a example.com to a multisite configuration using subdomains and domain mapping.
    I’m currently tracking example.com with google analytics. Under the new system I have created:
    sub1.domain.com -> (to be) mapping to example.com
    sub2.domain.com -> mapping to example2.com
    sub3.domain.com -> mapping to example3.com

    Right now sub1.domain.com is a duplicate (with some design changes) of example.com
    Before I map it and change the DNS at the registrar level so example.com points to the multisite (on a different sever) I want to get sorted out what is the best google analytics strategy here.
    Ultimately I would like to track all three domains within the same GA account. I mean I guess I do? The sites are set up to look like they all belong together with tabs at the top. Really example2.com and example3.com were formerly part of example.com, we decided to break it up for SEO purposes since we are targeting 3 keyword groups.
    So if a visitor enters one subsite, then makes her way to another, I still want to know what the original referrer was. I don’t want to see sub sites showing up as traffic sources for the other sites. Especially for conversion tracking purposes.
    Is there a way for me to do this and still be able to look at site traffic individually too. Maybe a separate profile and filter for each?

    I think GA has a section to track multiple domains with the same code. It’s in their admin area somewhere.

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