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  • I’m trying to set up domain mapping and have got it kind of working, but am having some problems.

    First, I can only get it working at all on the “main domain” of a shared server. I’m thinking this is just how it is, and I may just have to get a new hosting package for this project. Does this seem right?

    Next, forwarding the mapped domain with an a-name doesn’t seem to work. It goes to the “Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server” default page. Another domain set up with c-name forwarding to the server’s address (as I do with regular installs) works. However, the instructions seem to indicate that this is a bad idea if I’m already using a c-name to forward the main domain to the server. Am I reading this correctly? I’m wondering if buying a dedicated IP would make the a-name method work?

    While the c-name forwarded domain is working, it breaks if I add www before it. In this case it too will go to the “Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server” page. Is there any way to fix this? I don’t care if it strips the www afterwards, but it needs to still get to the site if that’s what someone types in.

    Finally, I need to add parked domains in cpanel or it doesn’t work at all. My understanding is that this is common. I don’t mind doing this to start, but I would like to be able to not do this eventually. Are there hosting options where this isn’t required? Like a Virtual Private Server perhaps?


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  • Turns out the a-name/c-name issue and the www issue didn’t happen on another browser, and now that I’ve cleared my recent history in firefox they’re also better.

    I would still be interested to learn if there’s any way around this working only on the “main domain” and if there might be options now or down the road so I don’t have to do the parked domain thing.


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    If you have a VPS or dedicated server and access to apache AND you know how to edit it via ssh, then yes – you’d be able to skip the parking part.

    A wildcard named host is what you’re looking for.

    Maybe not something you can do here, but any recommendations on such a host? Preferably one that I start out shared (and do the parked domain thing) for now, and upgrade later.

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