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    “I’m using this with wordpress installed in a subdirectory but the blogs are configured to be subdomains of the main domain.”

    I can’t do this with 3.1.3.

    That’s not supported in any version.


    I was looking at the text for the Domain Mapping plugin and it says it works with WP 3.0 as network. It also says that you can map sub-domains with the plugin such as and but reading over this thread it sounds like that is what Tib was trying to do but found out that it was not supported. Is this correct? I’m confused, because we were looking into doing this for our domain. We have 3.x installed as sub directories and we want to have just a few of the sub sites to have unique sub-domains but only just a couple of them out of the 30 something sites we plan to have running. Will Domain Mapping Plugin do this as described?


    Back! Sorry for the delay on this.

    I was able to replicate this with a small change to wordpress code. It’s really just about removing a error that’s probably there just because this thing might not work everywhere or more likely because it’s a bit more complicated to do.

    @lcrook wordpress multisite with subdomains and domain mapping is working just fine out of the box but not ( without patching ) if you’re
    installing wordpress in a subfolder of the main DocumentRoot folder ( the one that’s usually called public_html or htdocs )

    @tib you were right about one thing. The zip file I published still needed patches in 2 other places. It’s fixed now, please download it again from

    I posted detailed instructions about how to install WordPress 3.1.3 in a subfolder, enable multisite , add domains and set up the domain mapping plugin here:

    @andrea_r “On many shared hosts, wildcard subdomains cannot be configured to work when the install is That’s why.”
    Can you provide more details about such a shared host? What makes it so “special”

    As far as I see it wildcard domains need to be defined in the virtual host ( apache or whatever webserver ) and in DNS. While some shared accounts will definitely not allow you to do that others will.

    But as long as the web server works with wildcard domains why would wordpress not work with it? I know the current version doesn’t work but the limitation seems artificial … like someone just thought “ah this is to complicated for users to understand so let’s just block it”

    As soon as I removed that “artificial” block everything works if you just set the urls right in the domain settings.

    And btw you don’t even need wildcard domains to have wordpress multisite and subdomains working. Some shared hosts will allow you to set multiple domain aliases on your account. Sure this means that for each new subdomain you add in wordpress you also have to add an alias in your hosting account’s control panel.

    Thanks Mihai,

    We have wordpress installed in a wordpress folder at the public_html root folder, so as such then this plugin will not work?

    I am confused then, I thought that was a requirement for wordpress network as outlined in

    . “Giving WordPress its own directory will not work in WordPress 3.0 with multisite enabled.”

    Did I misunderstand that then and wordpress can in fact be installed as the root folder intself for a network install?


    The official documents state that the multisite functionality of wordpress will not work IF wordpress is installed in a subdirectory.
    This also applies for the domain mapping plugin.

    But if you use the modified version of the domain mapping plugin and follow the steps I describe here you should be able to use your current install in a subdirectory with multisite and domain mapping.

    A-ha, I get it. I see that now. So wordpress multisite will work in a directory as long as it all remains in said directory. So you can install it in html_public or html_public/blogs/ if you wanted, just as long as you have all aspects of wordpress installed in that sub folder like you would in the root folder. What will not work however is the stated option of having only a few important files on the root and then the extra files in a subdirectory in effect “splitting” the wordpress install if you are using a network configuration. Excellent, thank you!

    So that helps me to really understand this all and that this plugin will work either way but may require patching if not on the direct root like the plugin probably expects!

    shazam, Thanks Guy!

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    Ok! Sounds good, I am doing that!

    One more question… I don’t know how did you install more “subfolder wp” if need to put in the root them “index.php and .htaccess from /home/ to /home/”

    If I can’t install more “subfolder wp” pnly one because of index and .htaccess, then why? 🙂

    @lcrook coping index.php and .htacess from the subfolder to the main folder is a requirement if wordpress installed in a subfolder.

    @tib I don’t understand your question. What do you mean by “more subfolder wp” ?
    Wordpress is installed only once in a subfolder then after you activate multisite you will be able to have multiple blogs , each having it’s own subdomain name.
    Example: main site is , wordpress is installed in
    DocumentRoot is /home/example/public_html
    Wordpress is installed in /home/example/public_html/wordpress
    subdomains and are blogs created in this multisite install.
    With domain mapping you would be able to map a full domain like to a subdomain like

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    🙂 @mihai I would like install more WordPress MS in the subfolder, because I don’t want to remove-update and move the subsites into the new site…

    /home/example/public_html/wordpress1 3.1.3
    /home/example/public_html/wordpress2 3.1.4
    /home/example/public_html/wordpress3 …..
    /home/example/public_html/wordpress4 …..

    You could modify index.php ( the one from the root folder ) so it would include wp-blog-header.php from one of those subfolders based on the domain.

    So the code would be something like:

    }else if(in_array($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],$doms314){

    This should work but I think it’s a bad idea to have so many versions working at the same time and especially old versions. There’s a good reason why you should upgrade.

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    That’s true, but I like to leave alone some site… if finally work…

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    What do you mean by “(‘’,’’)” ?

    Do you mean?


    just to clear up the subfolder installation from the instructions..

    If your wordpress instal is split, as mentioned aboe, then you cannot enable multisite.

    If your multsite install is in a folder and it’s part of the domain name, then the domain mapping plugin will complain at you.

    That’s what mihai’s patch is for. 🙂

    (just trying to make it clear for future searchers)

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