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  • I just set up domain mapping for a new domain on a hosting account that is shared. When I say shared, I mean shared with other customers, I’m assuming, but also with any domains I have on the account. Every domain shares the same IP, so I’m not sure whether that creates an issue for the MU site here.

    So I guess that using the IP address in the configuration is sort of out of the question, but how does the CNAME configuration work? Do I need to use subdomain.domain.tld? Can I just use domain.tld?

    Or is it simply not recommended to use the domain mapping plugin from a shared IP? Like is it easier from a dedicated IP? I don’t mind experimenting with another host if I can get around these problems.

    Secondly, do I adjust the DNS settings for my domain at the registrar? Or do I actually need to host the domain? I can change my DNS settings in either place, but the closest I’ve had this to working is using URL forwarding from my registrar, but it resolves to my host saying “This domain ain’t here dude!” That’s paraphrased 🙂

    I’m THINKING that I might need to try another host at this point based on the results I’m getting, I’m just not 100% sure yet.

    Thanks in advance!!

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    Does your web control panel provide you with a facility to park a domain onto one of your web sites?

    Hey Ron, thanks for the response.

    No, I don’t seem to have the option of parking my domain from my host. If I use my registrars default name servers then I can use URL forwarding with CNAMES pointing at my mapped domains on my site. Have you ever tried using a domain that was parked at the registrar? I seem to be able to set up DNS settings from my registrar and it’s doing something, just not sure if it’s the right thing or not 🙂 Too many X-factors at this point.

    I did confirm this evening that I’m able to purchase a dedicated IP for my main site, so I’m thinking of trying that route and see if it makes a difference. I’ll update the thread when I know a little more. I have about 3 or 4 domains that I can set up in different ways to try to get this working, so I’ll keep you updated.

    crazkanuk – sounds like I have exactly the same problem as you – i’m hoping you can solve this without going to a dedicated IP..!

    crazkanuk – I got my side working. I’m not sure how your host sets up each of your sites, but in my case I had a directory for each one. For instance, I had:

    All I needed to do was set the main site up under, then rename to, and do a soft link from to
    so now I’ve got: ->

    Then, with the relevant .htaccess mods (as per the MU plugin config page) + the MU plugin, it all works.


    Thanks Daimoh!

    I’ll give that a shot!

    The dedicated IP did NOT work. In fact, the way that it works though my host is it will only reference a single domain, so it won’t capture the sub-domains at all. Booooo 🙂

    The structure that you’re talking about does sound like what I have as well. What do you mean by a soft link? Like do it in a redirect index file in the root for that folder?



    Thanks Daimoh!

    I got it up and running. I didn’t have root access so I thought you were maybe doing this some other way like through header redirect?

    I managed to find an option to create a Symlink within my web hosts file manager.

    So it appears that everything is now working correctly. I seem to be getting an Apache error of Index of / but I’m wondering if this is simply some MU tweaks that I still need to look at. I’m going to have another peek at the .htaccess and make sure I’ve got that going too.



    Hey Crazkanuk, glad to hear you’ve made some progress!

    Yes, I did mean symlink – apologies.

    My .htaccess is exactly the same as what the MU plugin tells you to put in as well, so hopefully that’s a simple fix for you.

    As an update, symlink was pointed in the wrong location, BUT in the process I actually found another workaround.

    So, for those of us using hosting accounts with Virtual Hosts whose directory structure is something like:

    where is your primary site (with Multisite installed). Go through the process outlined in the installation guide, or you can also use Andrea’s post here

    Now, as far as the domain stuff goes:
    1) point your domain at your web host as per usual (like you’re setting up a new site). Your web host will set up a new folder for that domain.
    2) In your admin account you will likely have some way of controlling your virtual hosts. Go to that section.
    3) In the example above, if I wanted to map,,, and to my domain mapped multisite install at, then I would just change the virtual host for those 4 other sites to
    4) Once this is done, the web server will do it’s job and route all traffic to those domains to where your .htaccess sits, waiting to handle those requests and forward them on appropriately.

    Thanks to Daimoh for reminding me that there is a .htaccess file there for a reason 🙂

    I’m assuming that between this solution and using symlinks, someone using a virtual host account should be able to get this sucker all set up.

    Hey guys, where do I find the info about the tweaks to the .htaccess file? I think I might need to do this but I can seem to find this information anywhere.

    Thank you!

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