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  • I hope you might help me with sort of issue with this plugin.

    Does “mapping” in this plugin just meaning “redirection” (301/302) to have or redirected to ?

    My issue is that I want to have several domains that will be just pointing (mapped?) to a certain blog. Which means, instead of site to have several blogs, something like a blog will have several sites.
    That should be done without redirecting the url to the primary domain.

    Example for such a thing.
    I have a development environment (dev env), QA env, and of course production env.
    I create a new site (using subfolders for example) in my dev env, and call it –
    Now, I want to be able to access this site with mapping it to
    After exporting to QA env is done, I want to be able to access the same site with the url –, but with no redirect the url to
    Thus I can know exactly which env I’m watching.. (ofcourse that Apache proper virtual host will be defined in both environments, to have it accessible and known by the servers).
    Then, after finishing QA and uploading the db and files to the Production env, I want to access the same site with

    So – the one site on db that have one site id in WordPress, should be accessible through 3 different domain mappings, but with no url redirection.

    This is only one implement that could be useful with such plugin, there are others.

    I’d be happy if someone have ideas inspiring this issue.

    Thank you very much,

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  • Does anyone have an idea for that?



    I’m in agreement with maorb
    We need a proper domain mapping plug-in that allows the use of full domains for each sub-site. Thus – maps to – – maps to –

    What we definitely do NOT want is a redirect so that once the user has connected to the primary domain all subsequent pages appear to be delivered from a completely different domain.

    madman2 – madman1 just wasn’t committed enough.



    I think I have a work-around but unsure if this a true fix.

    If you just add a site and don’t edit several of the site settings you get just the re-direction. You must change the site URL and the HOME to be the full url of the domain you want the sites to be mapped to. Do this manually as the auto update functions, changing the domain url and using the checkbox update site url and home, seems to do weird things.


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