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    My setup is as follows:

    WP-MU 3.4.2 installed under my Primary domain (we’ll call it MU works as it should, child blogs are installed in subdomains (ie. created directly in WP.

    I have the Domain Mapping plugin set up and all appears to be working as it should regarding the control panels- I even got it to map and (with set as the primary domain for that blog), however, when I go to access in another browser or one another computer I can’t pull up the site. All I get it is a time-out.

    This leads me to believe that my Domain settings need to be tweaked in order to get to direct to the Primary Domain because That seems to be where the ball is getting dropped.

    Hosting and Domain Names are all registered through Netfirms. I have contacted them for help regarding this but other than answering a few of my general questions about how their domain names work they could not help me set up Domain Mapping since this ‘is a WordPress issue’. Sigh.

    From what I did understand after my conversation with Netfirms help is that if the IP address in the A Name of both and are the same then they should both direct to the same place. This makes sense, however given that the settings are all as follows, I don’t understand what is wrong… has an A Name IP of –.–.—.138 has –.–.—.138 (the same)
    when I ping (which does pull up my main blog) I also get that same IP, –.–.—.138

    So logically anyway, it should work right?

    Now one thing that bothers me the more I think about it is that when I log into the cPanel (or whatever it is we are using now) it lists my IP as –.–.—.154
    When I spoke to the help tech she informed me that Netfirms is a shared server but this .154 IP was the IP for ‘my’ site… however this make no sense given that my pingback reports .138 as my IP

    Does anyone have any insight as to what is going on here and how I could possibly tweak my DNS settings to make this work?

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  • Update:

    So I just got off help chat with Netfirms… super priceless interaction, as soon as I mentioned WordPress all pretense at helping vanished.

    According to them my domains as they are currently set should be directed to (although I’m not sure that the way in which that currently works is how it needs to be for the plugin to work)

    Also, and this is the best part, when I asked about –.–.—.154 this is the response that I got:

    me: Okay, final question (this time for real)
    me: where does the IP come in to play?
    me: it says that its my website IP, but it doesn’t seem that anything actually goes there
    me: or is installed there either
    [redacted]: Please ignore .
    me: for just this case or for ever?
    [redacted]: The IP for your account is and not
    me: then why does show up in my control panel?
    [redacted]: It is a mistake, that is the reason I have asked you to ignore it.
    me: Okay, I just wanted to know

    Sighs upon sighs, ‘mistakes’ like this have become all too frequent, if I wasn’t so intrenched at Netfirms I would jump ship.

    So this is where I am at:
    A-name of both and refer to the same IP, my Domain Settings inside WP are also set to that IP and I have gone into Domains via the secondary blog and successfully set and up.

    If everything is set up correctly, then why doesn’t work when I try to open it up in another browser?

    Okay, so is now referring to… or it *appears* that it is.

    Does this mean that the plugin is the reason that it is not currently working? Or is there something else that I need to do?

    Masochist that I am I logged in for a 3rd chat-support session with Netfirms just now and got some help setting up a C Name referral for I’m not sure if this change has resolved yet or not but it appears that I am getting about a 50% success rate… meaning, it works for me in Firefox but not in IE and only sporadically in Chrome. Can somebody here give it a check and let me know what they get?

    The URL is:

    You should get a mostly incomplete site about freshwater aquarium plant fertilizer. If you get a site that says ‘ravenwilde’ that is my primary site (still under construction… soooo embarrassing).

    I’m not getting anything. 🙁 Sorry!

    Interesting that you got a subdomain forward working. That’s where I’m stuck. :/

    yeah… I just went and checked and now that doesn’t even work.

    I guess CName wasn’t the way to go. Anyone have any ideas?

    OMG I FINALLY figured out this problem! And the answer is so stupid.

    I had mapped but not and then because I am LAZY I never type the www part into my browsers. Firefox is apparently a lot more forgiving about this and that is why it was working fine in that browser.

    Somebody please add a note about mapping both the full URL and the sans-www version to the Install directions! Lazy morons like me the world over will thank you!

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