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    Hi, I did a full backup and in the Current Backups, 8 backup zip files appeared, and 1 database file.

    They are all in different sizes, and I can’t tell what is what since the type all stated “Filesystem Backup”.

    So I guess one is all the plugins, one is root, one is content and so on… But how can I tell from their names?

    My 2nd question is, how can I make a backup that is ready for moving to another server and domain without actually moving it, so the ready backup file is stored in a folder on the same server and I can do the download, upload, restore process manually later.

    I thought the “Change Domain Name” under Migration Assistant is for such purpose but I didn’t realize that it will immediately change all the instances in the database in the live site and it actually turn my site down, I had to do a manual restore. I personally think in the “Do not forget” part,

    Your files and database will not be transferred to another server.

    was not very clear.

    Anyways, it’s a great plugin and thanks for all the hard work developing it, just want to understand it more clearly and I hope it will become more straight forward for more people.

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  • Plugin Author Mert Yazicioglu


    You can’t tell, because they are not generated in that way. Basically all your files inside your WordPress directory are listed, split into chunks and compressed. So some of your files inside the wp-content directory might be in one ZIP file, while the rest of them are in another ZIP file.

    You can use the Create a Full Backup button in Backup Manager to create a full backup to use later.

    As the very first explanation under Change Domain Name title suggests, that is for changing the domain name you use with that installation. ( to, for instance). The line you quoted means, that action has no migration capabilities itself so it is clear.


    Thanks for the explanation.

    I actually gave the wrong quote, (copy and paste without checking), sorry. The line I wanted to quote was

    Use this installation with a different domain name while staying on this server.

    It can also be understood as, you want to use this installation with a different domain, but you don’t want to transfer the files during the process, so the backup files will stay on this server and you can decide how to use them at a later stage. Maybe it’s just my comprehension.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Mert Yazicioglu


    Alright, I’m rephrasing it for the next version, then 🙂


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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