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  • Resolved Mad Max


    I’ve not tryed your plugin yet, but I’ve a question about it.
    One of the most annoying thing about changing a wp installation domain, is to find and replace domain name everywhere in the db, including in the plugins options records. Since those infos are almost always serialized, changing to a new domain name, longer or shorter than the old one, implies the recalculation of strings lenghts for each occurrence of the domain name.

    Does your plugin take care of this?

    Thanks, Daniele.

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  • Plugin Author Mert Yazicioglu


    Yes. The plugin goes through all your database records and when it hits a serialized value, it first unserializes it, goes through all elements of the array, makes replacements where needed and serializes it back again.

    Great! I’m going to try your plugin asap!

    So I’ve made a try finally!

    I think your plugin is great but it lacks one setting: the database prefix!

    My goal is to clone a wp site to another fresh wp installation not to just change domain name, but to create a clone site and then change only relevant contents and images, but mantaining all plugins and settings.
    So, at 99% of times, I use a different database prefix.

    I’ve tried a migration toward a new fresh 3.3 WP installation with different db prefix and your plugin correctly unserializes, changes and serializes again all data containing the old domain name, create backups and upload them to the new wp, but it uses the old db prefix and there’s no way to instruct the plugin to use the new one.

    Another thing I came across (but I made only one test) is that, even if I setted the correct path to the new wp site backup folder for your plugin, the backfiles was uploaded in the root folder, ie:

    So I moved manually those files to the right folder and then I completed the migration process.

    Let me know if you need more infos.
    Regards, Daniele.

    Plugin Author Mert Yazicioglu


    You are absolutely right, the database prefix should be specifically definable by the user. Thanks a lot for pointing this out, it would never come into my mind 🙂 I will add an option to set the database prefix in the upcoming version.

    The path should be written by starting from the top directory that your FTP account has access to. Typing it wrong causes backup files to be transferred elsewhere so I’m not really happy how it works right now. Need to figure out a better way to do it 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and suggestions, much appreciated!

    I am looking to make an online flipbook for a client and I cannot post it on their domain until it is live.

    Right now I have the WordPress plugin as a subdirectory on my portfolio site. Can I create the whole plugin book on the subdirectory of my site, and once I am ready to transfer it over to my client’s domain, transfer it?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Mert Yazicioglu


    @ccarforo: Yes, you can.

    That is great news.

    Do you know how I would happen to do this?
    Are there directions/online or is it much simpler than that?

    Thank you for your help.

    Plugin Author Mert Yazicioglu


    Of course, I developed it 🙂

    A documentation comes with the plugin (inside the docs directory). When you are ready to migrate, try those instructions and open a new topic here if something goes wrong so I can assist you 🙂

    That is awesome! Thank you. You saved me so much stress. I will try to migrate it tomorrow after the client approves.

    The client wants the flipbook plugin on a blank white page, is this possible in wordpress? I have mine in a template right now.

    Thank you.

    I am also trying to clone a wp site but with no success.

    Took a backup of my live wp install (not www facing, it is an Intranet for a windows Domain).. and copied the files from the plugin backup folder.

    Built a new server (standalone, no internet & on workgroup) deployed a clean wp install, installed wpmove (manually) and copy pasted the original server’s backup files to the plugins backup folder on the new server.

    Successfully ran Restore, but then could not get the site working on the new server.

    Theme plugins and content all in the correct folders but get Database Errors when trying to access the site based on the new name i chose.

    Will spend some time looking at IIS tonight and will follow this up with actual error messages.. (sorry for not being prepared before posting..)

    But if anyone has any suggestions in the mean time…

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