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    Hi there

    I have been using your plugin for a while and find it excellent, however for one particular site I now have an issue

    On the source site when I start the migration, I fill in all the details on the settings screen and then start the migration all I get is a blank screen, (where usually it creates the zip files). The internet explorer egg timer stays there for approx 3-4 minutes and then stops and nothing happens.

    I have left the screen for approx 1 hour in case it was just taking some time but to no avail. Below are the processes that I have tried in order to resolve/diagnose this further.

    Tried the process on other websites to the destination domain, works
    Tried with Internet explorer, Google chrome, and Maxathon – same failure
    Tried on 3 different PC’s within my business – same failure
    Tried on 2 different PC’s whilst on a customer site – same failure

    Would appreciate any further help,does the plugin create any log files to give me a clue what it is failing on?

    Hope to hear from someone soon


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  • Hi there

    Just thought I would update you all that I managed to fix my own problem. For whatever reason I/a plugin/something had create a lot of large plczip[random characters].gz files within the wp-admin subdirectory and therefore this plugin was attempting to back these up within the migration, and obviously taking a very long time, and I assume then timing out.

    I figured this out as the plugin would not even create a backup, never mind using the migration part of the plugin, so for all those experiencing similar issues here was my diagnostics

    * Using FTP program, logged on to the source domain, and navigated to the \wp-content\plugins\wordpress-move\backup subfolder
    * Using the WordPress Move plugin, initiated the full backup routine
    * Watched the zip files getting created
    * Wait, Wait and Wait some more, and in my case, the 2nd zip file was very large
    * Via the FTP program, downloaded this large zip file to my local computer
    * Extracted the zip file, and searched through to determine where the large files were
    * Again, in my case, within the wp-admin folder, there were the large pclzip files
    * Back to the FTP program, I navigated to this folder, and removed all the pclzip files
    * Back to the WordPress Move plugin, and performed a full backup again, and this worked successfully
    * Deleted all the backup files, and then performed a successful migration 🙂

    I hope the above helps other people, who may be experiencing similar issues.


    Plugin Author Mert Yazicioglu


    Sincerely sorry for the late reply.

    Happy to hear that you solved it. An interesting problem that should not have happened. Will definitely look into that!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, much appreciated! 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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