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  • I am using Suffusion theme and WordPress Mobile Pack – latest edition.

    When i first installed the plugin i was achieving a perfect 5 score on MobiReady, now it scores 3 and says it fails in two areas.

    Measues and Page Size Limits.

    Pixel or absolute measures were detected in stylesheet

    Avoiding pixel and absolute measures allows the browser to adapt content to fit the display. An exception to rule is where an image has been specifically sized for a particular display. In this case references to the image in markup may specify the exact dimensions of the image in pixels, in order to help the browser to flow the page and avoid re-flowing it after the page has been retrieved. Devices may realize the intentions of authors more accurately if margins, borders and padding are specified in pixels.

    Your page is too large

    Page sizes (including images and stylesheets) should be kept small since large pages take longer to load and, on some networks, increase data charges

    PASS near line 145 column 8
    The size of page markup is 8381 bytes

    FAIL near line 145 column 8
    The total download size for this page is 87109 bytes

    I am not sure if the plugin is just incompatible now with Suffusion or what is going on, perhaps someone can tell me.

    At the moment 85kb is too large for a mobile phone though. When i was getting a perfect score of 5 the page size was registering as 6k.

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  • Hi mal2809,
    are you using any cache plugin? If you are using W3TC see my blog post,Getting W3 Total cache to work with WordPress Mobile Pack, if you are using Super Cache, you should update to the latest version of our plugin and that should do the trick. Otherwise, could you tell me a little more? What’s your site address? Which other plugins are you using?

    I am using DB Cache reloaded.

    Site address is

    I have been told by the person who made the Suffusion theme that it will fail with measures but that they have not altered anything which would make it fail the page size test.

    Mind you its not using Suffusion for the mobile site as it will be using the themes with the plugin.

    I cannot think of anything other than a Google translator on the front page that was added, would that make it fail, i’ll test disabling it to see but i hope it’s not that.

    The active plugins i am using are below.

    AddTo Any/Share
    Bad Behaviour
    Cbnet Ping Optimizer
    Count Per Day
    Custom Post Limits
    DB Cache Reloaded
    Deans FCK Editor for WordPress
    Enhanced Recent Posts
    Fast and Secure Contact Form
    Global Translator
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Invisible Defender
    Light SEO
    NEXTGen Gallery
    Page Management Dropdown
    Secure WordPress
    Smart Youtube
    Table Of Contents Creator
    Ultimate Noindex NoFollow Tool
    User Locker
    Wordpress Admin Bar
    WP Optimize
    WP System health
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    I disabled the Global Translator. the page size is still too large.

    Could it be JQuery. ?

    some good news and some bad news. As the site is now (so with the global translator off) you are above the limits to get a perfect score on mobiReady. The reason is a combination of modules, from what I can see. Have you enabled the “remove media” and “simplify styling” options in the “mobile theme” settings menu? If you have enabled them, there are a couple of modules that are injecting code in the page at a stage where the mobile pack can’t do anything. If you have not turned them on, can you please try?

    The modules in question are nextgen gallery, jQuery (I assume loaded by some plugin) and Bad Behaviour. Just to reassure you, I doubt it’s the Suffusion theme.

    Let me tell you something more, though. Your basic page is fine, 8Kb is not bad. The total page (including all CSS and JS) goes beyond the 50Kb limit and mobiReady gives you a bad score. This means that page loading on low-end mobile devices will be slow, but should still work in most cases. I am assuming that these plugins are important to you and I’d never ask you to remove them. My recommendation would be that if you checked those switches already (simplify styling and remove media), keep your site as it is now and don’t worry too much about the mobiReady score.
    I will give a look at the nextgen plugin (the one that seems to inject most code) and see how we can clean that up. If you know how to selectively disable jQuery for mobile, do it and it should immediately improve your page size.

    Sorry about this, but there is not much more that we can do at this stage.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have the remove media and simply styling all ticked.

    I believe JQuery is part of the Suffusion theme as it has some slider options that use it, i think NextGen gallery might use it too.

    I will look at the settings for Suffusion and see if something is switched on that shouldn’t be as i was getting a perfect 5 last month.

    I’ll try switching off Bad Behaviour as a test, unfortunately i need the NextGen gallery for the site so must leave that on.

    I looked at NextGen gallery, i had enabled a setting in there.

    Enable AJAX pagination: Browse images without reload the page. Note : Work only in combination with Shutter effect

    I disabled that setting and i’m now getting a score of 5 and page size is reduced by over 60kb to 23kb.

    Thats good, i also do not notice a huge issue with images loading in Nextgen gallery so i will leave that disabled.

    If there is a way to get the Gallery working with Ajax enabled and reduce image size for mobiles then i would love to see it in a future update but for now i’ll leave that disabled.

    Thanks for the great feedback mal2809.

    At this stage there is not much you can do, but I will look into the gallery plugin and see if we can do anything. We are planning on providing information to ore plugin developers so that they can integrate with ours and make sure they produce content that is mobile friendly, but this will be in a future release, I’m afraid.

    I would appreciate if you took the time to vote for our plugin 🙂

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