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  • I installed Windows Mobile Pack this weekend. Today Google Webmaster Tools is showing over 100 crawl errors (404s), with all the URLs listed ending in “?wpmp_switcher=desktop”. I like the plugin and don’t want to remove it, but I know these errors can damage my website’s search ranking if they continue (I had a similar Crawl Errors problem on a different site a few months ago, and the site has never recovered). I’m worried that these 100 crawl errors will have ballooned to a much higher number when I check in tomorrow.

    I’m not a techie. I’m comfortable with the dashboards for WordPress, Webmaster Tools, and my host, but I always end up doing more harm than good when I try to get into advanced stuff. Is there a simple way for me to fix this Crawl Errors issue?

    Thank you.

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  • Update: As I feared, the number of crawl errors kept growing in subsequent days. What a disaster. Since no one answered, I’ll just get rid of the plugin and find a better one.

    If anyone reading this is on the fence about installing the Windows Mobile Pack plugin, don’t do it. It gave my site hundreds of crawl errors.

    I feel like I’m just talking to my self here, but I’ll try one more question before giving up. Two weeks after I removed this plugin, the crawl errors in my Webmaster Tools are still growing, and many of the pages created by the Mobile Pack–all ending in “?wpmp_switcher=desktop”–are still showing up in search results (and perhaps creating duplicate content?). Anyone have any suggestions for how to remove all these useless “?wpmp_switcher=desktop” pages now that I’ve gotten rid of the plugin?

    Ugh, and I just found out that the “?wpmp_switcher=desktop” copies are even being created for new posts that I’ve made long after the plugin has been gone. How do i stop it? Anyone? I’m getting pretty desperate here.

    I removed this plugin three weeks ago, and it’s still creating “?wpmp_switcher=desktop” and “?wpmp_switcher=mobile” versions of every page on my site. Nobody has any suggestions for how to make it stop? Are the people behind this plugin reachable?

    The good news is I was able to use robots.txt to stop Google from crawling the ?wpmp_switcher=desktop/?wpmp_switcher=mobile pages, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have thousands of these unremovable pages taking up space.

    hi stiggram

    I have a similar issue with another plugin
    After installing and creating a playlist, it’s created a large list of URL’s which luckily I have blocked with robots.txt file.
    The URL’s look like
    /wp​-co​nte​nt/​plu​gin​s/p​rop​lay​er/​pla​yli​st-​con​tro​lle​r.p​hp?​pp_​pla​yli​st_​id=abcdefghijk etc

    hundreds of them.
    I did have a super cache running on my WordPress, which I have since stopped and cleared. But it’s still creating these URL’s.
    Also I found some tables in sql which contained these strings. Have a look and see if you database has some tables left with it. Some plugins just don’t remove very well I guess.

    Hey Stiggram, could you share the change you made to Robots.txt to get rid of the wpmp_switcher=desktop/?wpmp_switcher=mobile pages?

    These are the robots.txt lines I added:

    Disallow: /*?wpmp_switcher=desktop
    Disallow: /*?wpmp_switcher=mobile

    Still trying to figure out how to stop my site from creating these pages every time I make a new post. Completely uninstalling and reinstalling WP Super Cache seemed to clear some relevant junk out of my .htaccess file, but the wpmp_switcher=desktop/mobile pages are still being created. I’m now exploring whether there’s anything in my SQL database that may be creating these pages.


    You can’t use regexp within Disallow rules. Hence having * such as in

    Disallow: /*?wpmp_switcher=mobile

    won’t work.

    I’m looking for an alternative as well…

    stiggram and other guys here is solution

    Your wordpress website have options.php and there are all settings for website

    There you can find all…. and also wpmp_ (mobile s*hit)

    Suggest you install clean options plugin

    find all fields which starts with “wpmp” and delete.

    Clean options plugin is simple for use.

    Popac. If your suggestion works. One thousand thanks to you! 😉

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