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  • Sorry for my bad english

    Impossible to remove ‘wordpress mobile pack’ themes (yes, want to remove the complete plugin, but the themes remain uninstalled, I’ve had to reupload the entire plugin and reactivate it).
    And I’m not the only one (see in the creator’s forum, few weeks ago).

    Tried through the admin area: no luck.
    Tried through Filezilla, no luck (error 550, could not delete files and folders, permission denied).
    Tried changing permissions to 777: impossible.
    Tried renaming folders or files and delete: no luck.
    Tried all the above and similar through cpanel, file manager, legacy file manager: impossible, the folders reappears.
    PhP 5, .htaccess checked, php.ini checked.
    Plugin yet deactivated.
    Will try now to deactivate all the other plugins, with no hope…

    Can someone give some kind of solution or support?

    Thanks in advance

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  • The easiest way would be via SSH or FTP. Go in your wp-content/themes directory, you will see four directories all starting by “mobile_pack_”. If you remove those you will have removed the themes.

    If I understand correctly when you say you tried with Filezilla you tried to access via FTP. Is that right? I assume you installed the plugin and themes via WordPress. If you do not have permissions to remove the files you should talk to your hosting company.

    This is exactly what happens.
    There is no way of removing these four directory’s.

    I tried removing these dir’s like this:
    FTP (Filezilla)? –> No
    WordPress, remove theme’s –> No
    Remove complete plugin WordPress Mobile Pack –> No
    Re installing WordPress Mobile Pack, activated, remove themes –> No
    Removing dir’s by Plesk – File manager –> No
    changed mod’s to 777, removing dir’s –> No
    and so on…

    I really @!#@% (dislike) this plugin.

    Hi guys,

    The plugin is really doing nothing sinister. When you install it (in the plugins directory) it also copies some of the files over to the themes directory.

    That’s it. After they’ve been copied, they’re just regular files. The ownership of the files will be dictated by the credentials under which your WP server runs (as it will be for all other server-installed files).

    I can understand that your FTP account might not have the permissions to remove a file written by the web server… but the idea that this plugin is maliciously putting files back whenever they are missing is wrong.

    If the permissions are 777 and you have ownership of the files (or are in the owner group, I guess), deletion should just work.

    However, it sounds like we should perhaps implement a tidy up feature for those that can’t login with sufficient rights.


    Thanks for your reply.
    Maybe a bad judgement by me, and i should “really @!#@% (dislike)” my unsufficient rights.
    I informed our hosting provider about this yesterday, and wil post the result here.
    My website was not displayed very wel on a mobile device,
    that’s the reason i don’t use this plugin anymore.

    @rynno could you explain in more detail what did not look well enough on mobiles? We would like to improve things where possible!

    James, having the same issues with deleting the themes. I do have enough permissions to delete anything from my server. I even went to my reseller account and tried to delete the directories and it pretends to delete but they are still there.

    Somehow these are owned by some account other than the administrator of the hosting account which makes it impossible to remove them other than to remove all of WordPress and start over, which I really don’t want to do right now.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I agree, this is a horrid plugin – I have full rights, and the permissions are set to 777. I have gone to GREAT lengths to try and delete this plugin, but nomatter what you do, there is simply NO WAY of deleting the theme files.

    I think the developer at leaste should warn people of potentially undeletable directories. Files should be uploaded not by web, but by the nice and simple FTP/SFTP uploading.

    For those are still stuck with four ugly theme directories, a little trick to remove them.


    SSH or TELNET into your account and cd to wp-contents
    1. chmod 777 themes
    2. cd themes
    3. pico remove.php
    4. add the following codes
    system(“rm -Rf mobile_pack*”);
    5. save file
    6. point your browser to

    this should remove the directories – check to make sure.

    7. cd ..
    8. chmod 755 themes

    You should probably back up/download your active theme first, just in case you mess up.

    That worked, had the same problem with these theme files from WordPress Mobile Pack.Neither via ftp nor via Plesk these files could not be deleted.

    Great, thanks a lot qdhd99!!!

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