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    Has WordPress Mobile Edition been tested on a WordPress Multi User environment?

    If so, can it go in /mu-plugins/ or does it still need to be in the /plugins/ directory? And while the dev of WP Super Cache reports WPME to be fully compatible at least with the half-on mode in Super Cache (running on regular WP, I presume), would this still be the case on WPMU?

    Thanks for any info 🙂

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  • Anybody?

    Why not just try it? It’ll only take you 5 minutes and you can reply here with your results!

    MobilePress works on WP 3.0-Alpha (and WPMU 2.9). I put it in /plugins and it was fine.

    i will, i will… just wanted to be sure mobilepress works on WPMU before i run into double trouble 😉

    thanks. that gives me courage enough to try it on a live site in combination with wp-super-cache (as soon as I have that working again, see other thread)

    Oh heck, I have WP Super Cache, MobilePress and MU all having a happy dance together 🙂

    That’s great news! 🙂


    One more question: do you use WP Mobile Edition activated Site-Wide, per blog or running in mu-plugins ?

    Site-wide on both WPMU and WP 3.0-alpha running multi-sites.

    I never used mu-plugins since by the time I got to MU, I knew MU was marrying regular WP and they weren’t keeping that.

    Hmmm… finally came around to trying Mobile Edition activated Network Wide on WP 3.0 RC2 in MS mode. The first thing I notice that the plugin does not populate its User Agents fields on any of the other existing sites except on the one the actual activation took place.

    This resulted on my setup in the plugin only working on the main site. Other sites will not present the mobile theme to mobile browsers unless each site owner is cleaver enough to notice the Settings > Mobile page and hit the Reset links…

    Same thing happens on newly created sites. the fields are empty.

    Now I realize this can be seen as an advantage. A site owner has the option to disable the mobile theme by clearing those fields even when unable to switch the plugin off. But the downside is that site owners that have no clue how to go about and activate the mobile feature are lost.

    Maybe just some little more explanation on the Settings > Mobile page to make it clear what the result is of the empty fields and how to activate the mobile feature (by Resetting it to Default) would be already great. But what I am really looking for is a way of making the plugin auto-populate these fields.

    Is this plugin still being actively developed? If so, can I make some contributions to the code to make it just that little bit (even) more user friendly?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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