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    I have successfully installed the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin and now have a question regarding my blogs theme. After every post (when viewed with my PC browser) there is the ‘Return to the Mobile Edition’ link. I know this makes sense when viewed through a WAP handheld, but don’t think this link is necessary when viewed through a normal browser.

    I don’t know where the link is coming from in my main theme, but am hesitant to remove the functions from ‘wp-mobile.php’ since they seem necessary for the mobile version of my blog.

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    It seems to display this link on every post if it discovers a cookie that says that you once visited the Mobile Edition. You can safely remove te lines

    if (isset($_COOKIE['akm_mobile']) && $_COOKIE['akm_mobile'] == 'false') {
    	add_action('the_content', 'akm_mobile_available');

    at the end of wp-mobile.php.

    Interesting. I’m going to try this because I just started having the problem occur in my WordPress WPMU 2.6.x only in IE after I moved the install to a different server.

    I am using WordPress 2.7.1

    I have a similar issue. Only mine is that it wont let me use the link on the bottom to go to a regular version of my site. I have tried it on other peoples sites, who use the same plugin, and at first it did not work till I erased the cache. Now when I click the link on their site to view the normal version of the site, it works.

    I have tried it on my site but it gives me an error. At first it gives me a 404 error, and then it allows me to accept it or to go to details, when I go to details, it takes me to a 404 version of the site as it shows in a desktop browser. If I click any link from this 404 page that renders like it would on a computer, it takes me back to the mobile version of that page. The error states that nothing is found for wp-admin options-general PHP?ak_action=reject_mobile at the address and I have looked into it on the php file for index.php and that is on the bottom of the file – <p><a href="<?php bloginfo('wpurl'); ?>/wp-admin/options-general.php?ak_action=reject_mobile">Exit the Mobile Edition</a> (view the standard browser version).</p>

    Also, I have installed recaptcha on my blog, but now it shows up in the mobile version, only issue is that it shows only the blank space, so no one can type any captcha text in there anyways, but it wont allow the comment from going through without it….

    Still have no leads on either problem. Is there a way to ammend a part like the recaptcha for my mobile version of the site?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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