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  • I just installed WordPress Mobile Edition 3.0, and while I think it’s great overall, I’ve run into one critical problem: pingbacks cause a page to stop parsing.

    It looks like a few dependencies on Carrington functions weren’t quite removed — or else the functions were removed incorrectly. comments/pings-loop.php is trying to call cfct_comment_list_class() and comment/ping.php is trying to call cfct_comment_class(), neither of which are defined anywhere in WP Mobile Edition.

    It’s worth noting that I ran into this on two blogs, neither of which uses a Carrington-based theme.

    If I pull those calls out, the page at least finishes parsing, but the pingbacks themselves aren’t quite displayed right — the other blog’s title and link are missing, for instance. But at least the rest of the page is actually generated.

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  • Shoot, too bad we missed this (and no one caught it in the beta period). We’ll see about getting that fixed for a .1 release.

    Fix committed to SVN – will get a new release out tomorrow. Thanks for the report.

    Version 3.0.1 is out.

    I’ve installed 3.0.1, and now comments don’t work at all. I just get “error loading comments-loop 209”.

    I see that comments-loop.php and pings-loop.php aren’t in the 3.0.1 archive.

    If I upload those the files from the 3.0.0 archive, comments work again, but then I’m back to the original PHP error with pingbacks until I remove that call to cfct_comment_list_class(). After that, pingbacks finally display okay.

    *sigh* Packaging issue, it seems. Please see workaround here:

    I installed 3.0.2 and it’s back to the original problem again.

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cfct_comment_list_class()
    in path/to/wp-content/themes/carrington-mobile/comments/pings-loop.php

    And I mean really back to the original problem, because when I remove that call from comments/pings.php, I end up with

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function cfct_comment_class() in /path/to/wp-content/themes/carrington-mobile/comment/ping.php

    And if I remove that reference, the page finishes loading, but the pingbacks don’t actually show the linked site.

    It’s like it’s just been reverted back to 3.0, except with everything in carrington-mobile instead of wp-mobile. Even the partial fix from 3.0.1 is gone (since 3.0.1, if I uploaded those missing files, actually worked).

    I upgraded to 3.0.2 automatically and got a message saying it wasn’t installed correctly – see the readme file. I read the readme file and deleted everything and tried installing by hand. Same error message.
    Today I tried upgrading automatically to 3.0.3 and got the same error message. Tried again to do it manually but again ended up with the same message.
    So I went back to the source site (AlexKing) und uploaded from scratch. Now I’ve got version 3 and it’s working and there’s no error message. But my plugins page wants me to upgrade to 3.0.3.
    Should I go through all of this again or wait for 3.0.4?

    The link on my site points to the 3.0.3 download hosted on this site. They are the same files.

    I’m having slight problems with wp-mobile when browsing with my phone running Windows Mobile Pro 6.1. IE Mobile is set to Default Zoom, and Fit to Screen. Most of it looks fine, but it seems that the Previous and Next article links are partially overlapping the current article’s title. Here are a couple screenshots:

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2

    Sorry, I’m using wp-mobile 3.0.3 on WordPress 2.7.1

    Sorry, Alex, I don’t quite understand your answer. Should I not have this problem? Have others downloaded or upgraded automatically and have it working out of the box?

    johnbakeronline, i have the same issue. I’ve been using wp mobile for a long time, but now, all of a sudden, it keeps telling me it is installed incorrectly. It is installed exactly as the directions state. I’ve quadruple-checked that to be sure. No amount of upgrading, deleting, or reinstalling will get rid of the error warning.

    *whew* Finally had a chance to try 3.0.3, and it seems to work fine! Thank you, Alex, for all the updates!

    As for the <b>completely different issue</b> that johnbakeronline and dazzlindonna have…remember that you have to upload the carrington-mobile-(version) folder into your themes directory. I don’t think automatic update/install will do that, so you’ll probably need to use FTP.

    In all the downloading I’ve done I’ve never seen a folder called ‘carrington-mobile’, although I have seen a folder with another folder inside it called ‘carrington-core’. I’ve manually put the wp-mobile folder into the themes directory. But I still get a message telling me that the installation is incorrect.
    Should I extract the ‘carrington-core’ folder and put that into the themes directory alone?
    Like dazzlindonna, I’ve also used the plugin for some time and never had a problem. But this time around it seems to be more complicated than it need be.

    I get the following on my Razr V3 with 3.0.3:

    200: No Content

    Browser Version: Motorola (v2.2, WAP stack)

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