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  • I can’t seem to get submenus to appear properly. I created the menu with no problem. But the one item in my navbar that I want a submenu to appear on won’t work. It lists the subpages underneath, but they are visible all the time. How do I make them appear only on a click or hover-over?

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  • Make sure you have the correct template tag for sub menus to work.

    <?php displayMenu(1, 2); ?>


    I did have the correct template tag, and it still is not working. I wonder if I have the correct information in the edit section?
    I have 6 menu items, and I’ve ordered them 1-6. I wanted item number 6 to have a subpage, so I created one more menu item, ordered it number 7, and had the 6th item listed as the parent. Is that correct? I still see the 6th item listed, but the submenu item displays underneath it, instead of actually being a submenu item. Any help would be appreciated!

    Can you send me a URL? Look at your page source and see if the menu items even show up for subs. If so it will help us narrow down the possible cause.


    I’ll bet you are missing the CSS to make the menu work. When we created this we wanted to make absolute sure that there was no substantial limitations to the number of menu styles that can be created.

    Here are a few sites I’ve built menus for that serve as examples. (both the slider and the drop down here)

    I have a few dozen others, there really is no limitation per se as to the type and style of menu providing the CSS is well organized.

    The only reason we did not add CSS examples to the Menu Creator was our concern that someone would come along say that it was a plugin with substantial limits. So we left it open to thousands of menu possibilities.

    Jared Ritchey

    I’m sure that’s what it is! I haven’t added any CSS at all.
    Any way you can give an example of some CSS for the submenus? Do I just add it to the CSS sheet of my theme? I understand that it’s customizable. I’m just hoping for something to start with, something similar to your navbar. I could customize from there, but that’s exactly the look and feel I’m going for!
    My site is

    Thanks for all the help!

    I’m chiming in here because I can’t seem to figure out what CSS styles need to be added. Like the original poster, I’m interested to know where the CSS needs to be placed and what the styles should be named.

    This is a great plugin and I’d love to see it working on my site! Thanks!!

    People please note that the new release which comes out in just days will have tutorials, sample code and more features to make this much easier.


    Great plugin.

    Can you make the submenu items on display only when you’ve clicked the parent item?

    For example, when im on my main page, i want it to look like this:

    Menu item 1
    Menu item 2
    Menu item 3

    And when im on the page that menu item 2 linked to it displays like this:

    Menu item 1
    Menu item 2
    – Submenu item
    – Submenu item
    Menu item 3

    – Michael Wolthers

    Michael the easy way to do that is by using a super powerful yet often under stated and under employed feature of WordPress using TPL files.

    When I build custom templates for anyone I often build a few features into them like custom error.header.php file for the 404 page and then depending on the need I’ll build several template files named like.


    If looking at we are using WordPress and our real estate plugin to do what you are seeking. The site owner will have a menu titled “Sub Divisions” for example with menu links to those WordPress pages, when the visitor lands on those pages using an assigned template they then get links on the second level for links associated to that sub division.

    Method two would be to code your menu using jQuery or MooTools with an expanding menu that shows the sublinks when the parent link is ACTIVE. I have code and I will publish it by this Friday on the support site because people frequently ask about this.

    If you are in a hurry please feel free to contact me via the support site at UltimateIDX.

    Jared Ritchey


    You can see another working example of what Jared is referring to at San Diego Homes, but if you have any other questions or comments on this please feel free to post them, or like Jared says just contact UltimateIDX support.

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