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  • Hello,

    I just got the Memberwing “Webmaster One” (premium) plugin all setup and configured, and I have my PayPal account setup according to your directions but… when I sign up for a membership, the payment gets process but the username and password are not created on the WordPress blog that I have the plugin installed on.

    Can you please help me trouble shoot this?

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  • Check to see if you have __log.php file created inside MemberWing’s installation directory.
    This file is created and updated each time your system recieves payment notification (that is if it’s being correctly setup).
    If you don’t see __log.php file than it means Paypal’s IPN either never reached script or never were fired out for some reason.
    Login to your paypal account and then follow this link:

    It will show you your IPN activity history as well as any status codes that paypal received.
    This will help you see if you have any problems or if your Paypal IPN is working correctly.


    Hi, Gleb.

    Thank you for the quick response. Yes–I do have the _log.php file (with a notification there of an IP address, date, time, name of the notify file and a (20) next to that, then “Raw Entry Hit”).

    My PayPal IPN history shows a bunch of message IDs that are in “Retrying” status with the HTTP response code 408 next to them.

    There are two entries for each “paid” membership: one says “Transaction made” the other says “Subscription created” — yet WordPress does not contain the subscription login information for the people (me) who purchased membership.

    Hi, again Gleb.

    I’m disappointed that you didn’t respond to my second post. I did wind up getting your plugin to work on my client’s site, but for $99, it should be in your best interest as a budding entrepreneur to help your paying customer base with their issues in a timely fashion.

    Aside from my gripe about your non-response to my second post, I would like to say that your plugin does work like a charm. Payment is handled smoothly by PayPal via our Premiere Business Account with Web Payments Standard, and the automated member creation in WordPress is a real boon.

    Consider this a testimonial to the relative ease of use and relative strength of the plugin you’ve developed. I would however, strongly urge you to put your customers’ requests for help at the top of your priority list if you really want to hit a higher level of success.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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