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  1. I3
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Great idea... but the issue I am having with this any every other mail list plug is that it vendor focused. The whole reason why we send out mailings to increase sales. With this plug-in, my customers have to signup and then signup again to actually buy something. This just doesn't work for many of us because our potential customers get frustrated with the "why do I have to do this again".

    I don't care what what GetReponse, iContact, etc.... says about conversion rates. If you want any of these conversion rates = 5%, make the process customer centric instead of vendor specific.

    Here is what this means to plug in developers like this. We need a plug-in that is customer focused where the subscriber is added to a local wordpress database ( a basic profile is setup). The plug-in then is configurable to sync with a mail-list vendor of our choice. Newsletter requires are pushed to them while opt-outs are push backed to us. This approach is business and customer friendly by creating a seamless approach. It also allows, us the business, to easily migrate to any contact management system by just adding them and letting the system synchronize the lists.


  2. M.K. Safi
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Sure I3. The solution that you described could be built. But instead of taking 4 days of development, like this plugin did. The plugin that you're describing would require months of development.

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