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  • Granted, you can add links directly through WordPress, but the presentation is wanting. The WordPress Link Directory is what I’ve been looking for:

    1. Organizes links by category
    2. User submissions
    3. Reciprocal links (which I do not use, but it’s a good feature)
    4. Directory page

    I hope some additional features are included in future upgrades, namely the ability to search the directory, and also to pre-approve links before they are published. I wonder about spam controls on this plugin, but I’ve not experienced any difficulties.

    My links directory:

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  • Here’s a question for the group: What are your views on requiring people to publish a reciprocal link? As I’m using WP Link Directory, I’m hoping to simply create a useful collection of links. My primary interest in requiring a reciprocal link is basically spam control (the plugin doesn’t seem to have any). What do you think?

    With a recent update, WP Link Directory now has Spam protection and some other improvements. Great plugin.

    Hey there, as you’ve mentioned the new version now has a captcha option, which should be enough to get rid of spam. If not I may try to filter entries through akismet too, like WordPress does.

    You mentioned that you’d like a search feature as well, I’ve added that in version 1.4 and it’s not perfect but it does have the option to search by URL, title or description (or all).

    In future updates I’d like to accomplish some of these features:

    – Play around with WordPress permalinks and use these instead of $_GET variables to display pages, categories & links.
    – Collect rank of reciprocal page (if supplied) and add the ability to accept/refuse links based on this value.
    – Ability to select number of links per page (with paged navigation i.e. Pages: 1, 2, 3).
    – Add optional tracking of hits in/out.

    In answer to your question about requiring reciprocal links I think that most people who run link directories are trying to get links back to their site and this helps accomplish that. I’d also like to modify the script to also get the pagerank of the reciprocal link page and accept or refuse the link based on that, though I may not be able to due to Googles pagerank system.

    Of course for those people who just want to keep a directory of links and aren’t worried about links back and SEO, etc, the option to accept all links is there, and the captcha system now gets rid of most spam. Ideally the system would accept all links that aren’t spam but put them in a queue for the admin to look at before approving the link, but this will have to wait for a future update.

    Anyway, just wanted to reply and say thanks for your comments.

    Cheers – Sean

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wplinkdir_link_shortcode() (previously declared in
    in /home/steponeu/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-link-directory/link-directory.php on line 29

    what is happen ?

    I deleted the plugin via FTP, reloaded version 1.5 and then upgraded. My directory works, but wait for update from author. I’m not sure what I did that was so special I got it working again. The author provides help at this link–



    The version 1.8 doesn’t seem to work with WP 2.7

    The plugin isn’t saving any changes I make in the admin panel of the plugin.

    none of the links to add urls work.

    Hi all,
    I’ve got a problem with wordpress link directory : i can’t add categories as my website is written in chinese. When i add a category i get something like “ù€¡¡$”… well, not chinese anyway.
    Someone know how i can fix this ?

    Thanks in advance.

    anyone know how to integrate a zip code and address feature to this. Also anyone know how to add google maps to this? I’ll pay!! $$$$$$

    Hey guys need some help, should be an easy one for yall.

    I’m trying to figure out what to put in the permalinks field so that I can easily find my directory. links isn’t working (maybe because I already have a links page).

    I would like to be able to put it on a page or in a simple directory like … but i don’t know how to do that. But first and foremost I just want to be able to find my directory homepage.

    This is my default permalinks setup for the majority of my blog:



    WP 2.7 doesn’t seem to work with this πŸ™

    It seems to not save any new links and it doesn’t import the links I already have via the “Functions” section in the admin area. Anyone else know if this is the case or some way to make it work?



    Ok I managed to get it to work after deleting my database and starting new πŸ™‚ My problem was I first installed the PRO version, but that did not work so I uninstalled it and re-installed the non-Pro version but some database things still remained. After I deleted those, the plugin loaded fine.

    However, pretty permalinks do not work. I have tried all sorts of combination, but it doesn’t work on 2.7. It always redirects to the home page (not even an Error 404).

    The directions for the plugin say %postname% will not work, so I am trying /archives/%post_id% instead, but that also does not work. If I add the shortcode [wplinkdir] to a page called “mylinks”, I can see the front page of the directory, but then when I click on any links, they don;t return anything. The problem seems to be something small somewhere but I can not figure it out! πŸ™

    I refuse to use this addon until its updated. Not using perma links is not an option



    Ok my problem was solved when I found that there was an error in my own theme, but not in the plugin. Now the plugin works. πŸ™‚

    However, like powerkor says, it still does not work with permalinks πŸ™

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