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  • I created a test post to try out the features of the new Carousel. I like the gallery features, but I’m having one issue.

    If you view the blog post here:

    Click on an image to bring up Carousel, then click in the black area outside the image. It then goes to a fancybox version of the same image, why? Shouldn’t this just get out of Carousel? Can I not mix fancybox and Carousel on the same blog if not the same post?

    I can see having some posts where I don’t want to use Carousel but still want to enlarge images using fancybox. I need the plugin installed and active to do this. However, I don’t want it to be combined with Carousel like this, I’m assuming this is a bug or some kind of odd interaction between the two plugins.

    Any way to fix this?


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  • Hi if you see here in the link:

    I have the carousel active on jetpack but its not working when i insert the gallery, why is this so?



    You know what else is weird (unless I missed this on other sample carousel pages)? If you hit the browser’s back button after closing the carousel, the web page doesn’t change, but you can see in the address bar that you’re going backwards through the images you just viewed in carousel… before eventually kicking back to the page viewed before yours.

    @beeeerock Really hope they have a look at the back button issue. For websites making significant use of Jetpack Carousel, which in every other respect is excellent, the back button behavior is a real problem for user experience.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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