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  • I just uploaded a back-up of a site, which had to be deleted. The importer did not import any of my media library. Very, very frustrating and not sure what to do.

    I saw one post where one person said they solved the issue with two additional plugins, but I read the plug-in details and they didn’t seem quite right, so I’m afraid to get too complicated.

    I used this once before, and it worked perfectly.

    Do I really have to manually upload all of my media files? Please help. Thanks.

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  • I’m having this same issue. Any idea how to fix this?

    I just performed an import and instructed it to import the files attached to posts. All it did was import the links, so the images all show but are in the original location.
    The only way I can do this is to:
    1) Edit database to replace incorrect image address with the correct address.
    2) Upload all images using the media library.
    3) Assign each image to the correct post or page.

    This is a lot of extra work and will take hours on the site I am working on. Not ideal. Surely as the plugin is made by wordpress and is the plugin that they suggest you use within wordpress, they should have it tested and updated.

    Is it any wonder that so many other plugins are broken or out of date when wordpress can not keep their own plugins up to date.

    I have just imported posts, pages and contact forms separately. All attachments failed to be downloaded and imported. Instead, it just imported the images without downloading them, so the images are still located on the old website.

    I saw what jef3000 said, so I performed an import for all content at once. The image import worked correctly. Thanks jef3000.

    see other thread:

    Hi guys, I modify little for plugin wordpress-importer to fix bug for import the files attached to posts

    hope will solve your problem

    Hi Inimarin 🙂

    It’s failed on unicode chars so can’t use it

    + 1 frustrated with media library not imported :(. If anyone has a solution, please let us know…


    I used the version of WordPress Importer from @inimarin, and it worked.

    Also, with the full import file being too big, I exported everything by year and imported each of the files.

    Hopefully there will be a fix to the main plugin…

    I can not understand why WordPress would claim it works with version 3.6 when clearly it does not and did not work with 3.5 either. I believe 3.4 and maybe some earlier versions also had issues with this plugin.
    Why would they claim it works when so many people are opening tickets to state that it does not work?

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    Always worked for me and others, that’s probably the reason why. That includes my media library provided that the files do not exist already where you are importing them to. When the files existed on my target system or the file system did not permit me to write the imported files then it failed for me too.

    Has your error log file for your web server given you any idea why it fails for you?

    We always have problems when using it. Normally we are using it on brand new installs as we import the theme dummy content to get an idea how it works. The most common ticket in support relates to the issues described by many others with media being incorrectly imported.
    I checked our error logs and there was nothing logged. I enabled debug mode and ran it on a clean site, no errors.
    It could be that we are using the latest stable version of everything within the server which puts us in a rare 0.02% of servers.
    Then again, I have seen it also fail on clients sites where they were using older versions of items within the server.

    Then again, some of the features do work. For example, if you export everything, it usually works, but if you only export posts or pages it will fail.

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    Try this plugin and see if it addresses the attachment issues you’ve been having.

    Working with data is not always straight forward. These plugins may give the appearance that all is going to be very simple but 1 out of 99 users will have some sort of variable that causes problems.

    If it be other plugins, their servers restrictions, existing data already in the blog and many others things.

    If you keep experiencing problems try a plugin like Easy CSV Importer that builds posts from scratch.

    I’m currently hosted on the WP platform and am trying to migrate to Blue Host’s WP platform. I have never been so frustrated! Nothing works the same. And, to add to this thread, my photos got imported – BUT ALL IN BLACK AND WHITE! I’m a complete techno newbie. Is there another importer plugin we can use?

    I did the whole ‘import all content thing’ and images were all attached to pages. Any advice?


    WODARA are images black and white when you upload them manually?

    There are a lot of importer plugins. I provide Easy CSV Importer however I only started adding XML import to it yesterday. My plugin builds posts using raw data rather than importing data directly to the WordPress database tables.

    The outcome is the same in most ways. It is just a bit more technical. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials though.

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    God Bless you inimarin!!

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