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  • Import by categories created a duplicate category for every post in that category, while dropping others. I had xwy-category-2 through xwy-category-295 to deal with and a quick database search and replace doesn’t work as I couldn’t get a wildcard search and replace to work across all 295 categories, but might soon have a more complicated solution to resolve this – which shouldn’t happen in the first place.

    Category exports and imports bring in ALL of the categories and tags for the entire blog, not just the ones being imported. Breaking a site up into subdomains (categorized) meant cleaning up all the unwanted and unnecessary categories and tags including the duplicates.

    Category exports with more than one category seem to only honor one of the two categories and not the second one, exporting and importing only some of the posts but not always consistently.

    Removal from the core was a mistake, I feel, but this is a disaster of time wasting proportions. The import, which should have taken at most an hour with all the categories, maybe less, has taken over a week to clean up and redo over and over again.

    We are now sticking with database exports.

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  • Plugin Author Jon Cave


    WordPress Dev

    The export and import have been undergoing some major maintenance. See ticket #15197 for the main details.

    Duplicated categories should be gone with with the new importer (available for download as the development version), but maybe not for old WXR export files depending on the exact problem. Exports and Imports bringing unwanted categories and tags will not be ‘fixed’ when using old export files, but the export filtering should (hopefully) be greatly improved for 3.1. Not sure what you mean by “Category exports with more than one category”, but sounds like it’s to do with export filtering again.

    The “category exports with more than one category” is a reference to the category-2, category-3, category-4, category-495…an export and import issue as I’m finding it in both issues.

    I’m thrilled that something is happening, as we’re now totally avoiding the WordPress Import/Export Plugin and doing it in the database, which is not fun with the taxonomy complications. I can’t wait to have it fixed. I so worry about those told how easy it would be to migrate to and from to self-hosted, which is part of what we are doing, and it’s been, seriously, a nightmare and I don’t use that term loosely.

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been watching, but we have to move forward and can’t wait.

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