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    I’m having this exact problem.

    Exporting all wp content from WP 3.3.2 and importing to WP 3.3.2 on the same server.

    wxr xml file is only 1.9MB, below the limit. No error messages.

    All posts pages and media come in – but without any of the attachment parent-child hierarchy from the original WP db.

    It’s obviously a serious problem for a media-heavy site, it would be a week of work at least to reattach all the images to the posts.



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    What happens if you try importing the data from the Theme Unit Test file into a fresh install on the same server? No extra themes and no plugins.

    Esmi hi – before I do the fresh install and report on that I just want to note that I looked through about 50% of my exported wxr .xml file (the long way!) and the <wp:post_parent> attribute is not missing on any of the media files. So the export of attachment parents at least seems to be working properly.



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    I’ve imported the unit test data about a dozen times over the last couple of months, so I know that file works & that you can import all attachments. Speaking of which, you are checking the upload attachments box when carrying out the import, aren’t you?.

    Yes – I was checking the upload attachments box.

    Now, the theme unit test file is churning away but not uploading….

    To be precise it is an unused recent install, but not a fresh install. I don’t have the authority to make a new install on that server – i don’t have the hosting login/password.

    ** update: worked fine, see below **

    Update: goshdarn safari.

    Firefox uploaded everything A-OK. Attachment dependencies OK.

    I’m now going to reset the database and try importing the offending wxr to this install.

    Note that the WXR file does *not* contain the media files themselves, and that the server you’re importing to downloads them from the web, using their original URLs.

    This means two things:
    1. If the exporting server no longer has the files, then the importing server won’t be able to go get them.

    2. If you’re exporting a site and importing it to another install on the same server, then the server may not be able to connect back to itself to retrieve the attachment files. This is known as “loopback” connections, and some servers have loopbacks disabled for security reasons.

    Otto thanks. The prob with the previous import scenario though, was not that – the media files all imported OK via “loopback”, and the orig files all exist right there in the same home folder of the hosting account. Loopback appears not to have been an issue.

    What got lost was their status in the DB as children, i.e. as attachments with a post parent ID! They’re all there, orphaned.

    That’s crazy, right? It appears that is the same thing that happened to the OP.



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    Just to clarify – were your previous problems specific to Safari?

    Esmi thanks – no they weren’t, that was just a complete fail on uploading the wxr via safari, I almost always am using firefox.

    In other words, for me: Uploading via safari that one time yesterday, i got nothing.

    Uploading “normally” via Firefox, i get all posts pages and media, without any error msgs, but lose all wp-post-parent data for image attachments.



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    Was that with the theme unit test data?

    I can’t reproduce this with a simple test. Single post with attachment, parent is fine. Import into fresh new install, attachment remains connected correctly.

    Thanks Otto.

    Esme – Yes it was the theme unit test data first, then my WXR again.

    To recap: I uploaded the theme unit test data successfully, after ditching Safari.
    All posts and attachments OK.

    Then I reset my database to the freshly-installed state using the lovely WP Database Reset plugin, and attempted to upload my own originally-offending WXR file again.

    I have inspected this WXR file myself, and the wp-post-parent fields contain the correct data. That is to say that all media files seem to be correctly attached to their parent posts within the WXR file I am exporting.

    Now I’m getting a 404 error when trying to import this file. It’s only 1.9MB.

    Would anyone else be willing to try the import with my WXR file?

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    Edit: Doh! Must be color blind, I just saw the link. Trying now.

    Would anyone else be willing to try the import with my WXR file? happy to send it…

    It’ll be a few hours from now (as I’m at work) but I’m game.

    Like many, I’ve got a Crash Test Dummy™ WordPress installation to play with. Can you put the WXR file somewhere where it can be retrieved?

    Or are your trying with this one which works for me:

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