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    I’ve been trying to move a client’s site using Export / Import. On import, a number of images are not being imported with an error like

    Failed to import Media “Simply Soaps”

    I’ve tracked this down to a problem with .bmp images, where any .bmp files from the source site are not being imported. All of the originals are available at the URL given in the WXR file, and all other images import correctly.

    I’ve tried this on a couple of different servers (OS X and Ubuntu) with the same result. Both of them have all updates installed, so I don’t think it’s to do with versions of the GD library or anything like that. There are no errors in the PHP log either, so I’m not sure what’s causing the problem.

    Given that WordPress can obviously deal with .bmp images, because they’ve been uploaded and resized on the first site, this feels like it’s a problem with the plugin somewhere, but without any errors messages it’s difficult to know what it might be.

    Any insights?

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    It seems that my statement that .bmp images have been

    uploaded and resized on the first site

    wasn’t correct. They’re uploaded but not resized, and this Stack Overflow article suggests that it’s actually something to do with PHP rather than WordPress as such.

    There are also suggestions in there that allow you to stop people from uploading .bmp images.

    Still, this doesn’t mean that the WordPress Importer shouldn’t import them, even if it can’t resize them. I’m guessing that it may try to resize them and fail, which leads to the complete failure of the import, which I don’t think is intentional.

    HI, I’m also having issues in uploading .bmp files. Have you found a workaround yet? I figured I will just avoid them.



    I gave up in the end – I just advised the client not to use BMP images. If I find some spare time in the future I may batch convert all their BMP images to JPGs and re-upload and replace them so I can move the site, but it seems like a lot of hassle for very little gain.

    So here’s the challenge:
    there’s nothing wrong with having .bmp as images, other than inefficiency. However, .bmp really isn’t an internet standard. It’s just too bloated.

    I’m all for using what ever format you choose, but the workaround really is to use a standard image format that’s compatible and efficient.

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